In terms of data disclosure scope and data management responsibility

In terms of data disclosure scope and data management responsibility, data maintenance management and accountability should be defined clearly, even if unrelated to personal information. It is also needed to enable determination of the level of presumed trustfulness of data analysis results. Although data governance for Big Data has almost the same components as existing data governance of Panian (2010), it is necessary to form an organization required for expanded application to the domain of Big Data, to establish standards and guidelines, and to prepare for data flow and management processes. Implementation of a strategy can be realized by preparing components required to execute data governance. IT infrastructure for Big Data will require new solutions and computing resources. If it is equipped with proper Big Data governance, it is possible to make decisions to ensure selection of appropriate solutions and maintenance of balanced and appropriate service levels about investment in IT infrastructure. Big Data infrastructure may vary in scale depending on business models and establishment strategies, but it must provide the basis to achieve the goal of Big Data services. The audit and control of a system is to monitor guidelines and procedures that must be maintained in terms of infrastructure and components. If monitoring results indicate that immediate reporting is needed, reporting will be conducted through procedural processes in accordance with policies and processes.


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