In political problems that arose pushed England to its

In the 16th century, England was still an unstable nation. With Henry VIII’s break from the Catholic church causing a huge religious riot and the political problems that arose  pushed England to its limits. Soon enough the English were going to flourish and win their pride back, this was all due to one of the finest English rulers in history; Queen Elizabeth I. Elizabeth I changed England in ways that both her siblings and father were unable to accomplish. Elizabeth had a major impact on England both politically and religiously because she united the nation by maintaining a common religion and expanded England by pushing their boundaries that would eventually form the Great British Empire.Elizabeth I ruled England from 1558-1603. She was born in Greenwich on the September of 1533. She was a daughter of Anne Boleyn and Henry VIII. Her father was obsessed with the idea of producing a boy as an heir to the throne, this led to his divorce from ‘Catherine of Aragon’ his first lady in 1529. This caused a huge religious conflict in England because the Roman Catholic  faith believed in marriage for life, since Henry VIII was a Roman Catholic the pope simply did not allow it. This put him in a complicated situation, if he went ahead with his divorce as planned the pope would excommunicate him, which meant his soul would never reach heaven, this was an extremely crucial part of religion. He also made a special appeal to the pope, which the pope refused to acknowledge. In 1533 he asked the Archbishop of Canterbury to grant him a divorce so he could marry Anne Boleyn. Henry was granted his divorce. After this event, England broke away from the Roman Catholic church that was based in Rome. He made having a divorce perfectly legal by placing himself as the head of the church. This led to a lot of people being angry at the Roman Catholic church because, the church had used the common people as an effective way to earn money.(I Henry used this hatred to his advantage, and made himself the


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