In percentage of 9.8 Law enforcement is constantly battling

In reality, drug abuse is a very complex disease. It has no
preference for gender, race or background. Anyone can become an addict, but
anyone can also take the proper steps to recover and live the healthy, sober
life they deserve!


Drug abuse in Arkansas continues to thrive, as addiction is no
stranger to even small towns such as Paragould. The city of Paragould itself is
the 19th largest within the state, and is located approximately
150 miles northeast of Little Rock and 80 miles northwest of West Memphis.
Nearly 28,200 residents live within the city limits as of 2018.

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Arkansas has 2.6 million residents. Arkansas is 80 percent
Caucasian and 15.7 percent African American; according to the last Census. Individuals
of Hispanic or Latino descent account for 3.2 percent of the population.


It is reported that 10.8 percent of individuals aged 12 to 17
in Arkansas have
admitted to abusing an illicit or illegal drug in the last month. This
rate for the overall state definitely contributes to the trickling down of
abuse within each county. This is statistically comparable to the reported
nationwide percentage of 9.8


Law enforcement is constantly battling the ongoing growth of drug
abuse and the crimes associated with such use. Being charged with a drug crime
is something that has the ability to follow you r for many years…even after the
charges and consequences have been resolved with the law. Fortunately, there is
help available to residents in Paragould, as well as facilities and help resting
just outside of the city.


If you or someone you know is currently struggling with a drug
addiction or a drinking problem there is help readily available. Many substance
abuse care programs are just a click or call away.


Drugs most commonly abused
in Paragould, AR are:



Prescription Drugs





There are some staggering insights involving both that show the
danger and need of help for addiction treatment.


Alcohol is one the most highly abused substances in Arkansas.
The reason is because despite the state enforcing some of the strictest laws in
the country, alcohol is easily and readily available.


Arkansas is in the top 20% of
states that prescribe the most painkillers per capita. The state also has of
the highest death rates in the country due to the abuse of these dangerous drugs.
In the last 10 years,
opiate/opioid prescriptions grew from 30 million to 180 million. Also shocking
are the increase of stimulant prescriptions, which have seen an increase from 5
million to 45 million.


Methamphetamine is also one of the top abused drugs state-wide. Methamphetamine is a
stimulant that affects the central nervous system. It is a bitter-tasting
crystalline powder that is white and odorless and it easily dissolves in water
or alcohol. People will use it by smoking, intranasal or needle injection.
The drug is very dangerous, as it increases activity and is known to cause a
general sense of well-being. Users of the drugs mostly range from 18-34, but
have been noted to be used by nearly all age groups.


Rural towns continue to be plagued by the manufacturing and abuse
of the drug due to the manner in which isn’t is made. Nearly ¾ of the arrests
are related to meth use or production – only closely behind 9 other states.
Moreover, there were over 200 arrests in the state of Arkansas involving
meth possession, distribution and development.


The use of illegal drugs in Paragould range from user to user.
However, prescription drugs continue to be a force to be reckoned with – not
just in Paragould but the ever-growing opioid crisis continues to plague the
entire United States. Some statistics to show the drugs being abused in
Paragould are as follows per recent reporting:


has approximately 1170 marijuana users

people abusing prescription drugs

cocaine addicts

people using hallucinogens

people that use inhalants

heroin addicts who live in Paragould, Arkansas.


Drug addiction does not have to run your life. Many treatments centers
can assist with turning your life around and bring the control back into y our
life that you are seeking. The benefits of a rehabilitation center or program
are starting the path to a new, clean life. You will be able to learn about
yourself, your thinking patterns, and how they can work for you, rather than
against you.


Drug laws in Arkansas:

Drug charges range depending on the actual act itself. They can be
charged for a variety of actions such as possessing, delivering, manufacturing, or possessing with the intent to
deliver among other things. Consider the current laws for the state


Marijuana – The number of states
legalizing medical marijuana continues to grow. Arkansas, however, does not
currently have any legalization of marijuana for either medical or recreational
use other than CBD or cannabidiol, which is essentially a compound within
cannabis that has no THC but still offers medical effects. If you are found in possession
of marijuana, the crime is punishable by up to one year in jail and a minimum fine of $1,000 for a first
conviction. If it is a second conviction, penalties increase significantly to a
fine of up to $2,500, in addition to a 15-day mandatory minimum sentence with a maximum of two years in prison.


Cocaine – Both federal and state
laws prohibit the trafficking, sale, and possession of cocaine.


Methamphetamine – Methamphetamine abuse
among adolescents in Arkansas is statistically comparable to the national
rate. It remains a principal drug threat to Arkansas, because it is also
readily available. The result of methamphetamine production and abuse is
increased crime levels, violence and environmental harm.


Keep in mind this information is to be used as an informative
guide, rather than legal advice. However, the best way to avoid dealing with
these complications is to take the steps you need towards recovery. Addiction
treatment is not a walk in the park…but it IS a way out of the park and into a
new, healthy and sober way of life.


Addiction Treatment


There are various addiction
treatment options in and around Paragould, AR. Since the town is not a major
city, there are not treatment centers available for every chemical dependency within
the city itself.

There are both short-term and
long-term drug and alcohol rehabs available in Paragould. Long term drug and
alcohol rehab provides treatment for people that have developed advanced stages
of drug addiction and alcoholism. This is the only method of treatment that has
shown to be effective for long term advanced cases of addiction.


Oftentimes, recovery centers
will vary. You may opt for a more natural program where you will have access to
acres of land, outdoor activities and activities. Depending on the level of
treatment, you may choose a facility that focuses on a more secluded option for
the facility, and of course, private facilities are available, too.


Within Arkansas, there are a
handful of long-term facilities. Long-term drug and alcohol rehab programs are
60 to 90 days and longer. Because of the brief duration of a short-term rehab
program, people that have struggled with a severe addiction for years do not
usually benefit from this method of treatment.



Inpatient treatment programs
which are best suited for people that have reached the stage of addiction but
the addiction stage is a year or less. The typical length of stay is 30 days or
less in an inpatient treatment facility.

Northeast Arkansas Regional Recovery Center

Mission Teens, Inc. is a program lasting 2-4 months and is discipleship-training

NE Arkansas Community MH Center, Inc.

Life Strategies Counseling, Inc.

Ascent Children’s Health Services

Families Inc. of Arkansas (16.3 miles outside of Paragould)

Northeast Arkansas Treatment Services (19.1 miles from Paragould)

Project New Start


When an addict is able to remove themselves from their own home
environment and are then placed into individual or group therapy and
counseling, there is an opportunity to develop a strong support network. Being
surrounded by a group of sober peers and develop healthy coping mechanisms.  


Cost of Treatment


Many of the inpatient centers that provide 60-120 days of
treatment will often accept health insurance plans. Depending on the treatment,
Medicare, Medicade along with others may be utilized. You will need to check
your exact insurance plan guidelines for confirmation, but be sure to do so, as
treatment can be costly otherwise. Still, there are free options if your
situation fits the requirements. There will be someone at the treatment center
that will be able to guide you through this process as well. This is a
difficult time and they will understand your need to make it as smooth of a
transition as possible.




Staying on the sober path is a very important step once you exit
your initial care. Consider the benefits of aftercare meetings such as
Narcotics Anonymous or Alcoholics Anonymous. Paragould offers a variety of
times and locations for these meetings. Below are a few of the support groups
available to addicts:


Alcoholics Anonymous

Green County Group

Green County Group 2

Baldwin Group

Green County Group 3

Narcotics Anonymous

All Saints Episcopal Church

Agape House

Griffin Memorial United Methodist Church


Sober Living


There are a variety of options available after you have completed
any type of treatment that will assist in your day to day living as a sober
individual. Making a transition from treatment to sober housing provides not
only the option of supportive housing, but the availability of group and
private sessions to discuss your progress, as well as any struggles you may
encounter along your sober journey. The benefits of sober living are:


a good idea to continue to live at home or in a sober living environment while
still attending therapy and group sessions. Oftentimes, there are practice
tools that are taught in treatment in a less structured setting.


In a sober home, you have the ability to transform a more normal
“day-to-day” life and re-enter the world after you have completed rehab.
Take mind to opt for a sober living home that charges a reasonable fee for
rent, food, and counseling. Of course every location will have its own unique
set of regulations, rules, responsibilities and guest expectations.


Some sober living facilities
in the area are listed below:

The Gyst House

Darp Foundation Substance Abuse Services

Phoenix Recovery Centers of Arkansas (Housing for Men)

Second Chance Recovery Center

New Beginnings Casa


When you complete a recovery program, there is a lot to keep in
mind. Not only are you on your way to a life free of abuse, but you have
accomplished the new mindset of sober living. Living a life free from addiction
and the proper training and treatment to do so and you will be able to cope
with your personal stressors and avoid triggers that lead to your life of
substance abuse.


you or someone you love is currently in a situation in which their life is in
danger from the abuse of substances such as drugs or alcohol, please take the
first step to recover and contact a sober living or addiction facility near
you. Remember that you are not alone on this journey and that help is available
to you. No one is here to judge you or to think any kind of ill-will about
you…because you are taking the right step to live a clean and sober life!


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