In from students. These uniforms on the other hand

 In the modern world of today children are made
to wear uniforms in schools, colleges and in most other types of education (For
example university) especially in an era of today where freedom of expression
is something very important, people and children should be able to choose what
they wish to wear out of their own self interest rather than being restricted
by strict guidelines which do not benefit anyone within the education
prespective. However  to some others it gives
a sense of belonging, giving them a badge of pride and the respective
school/college, and gives the college a reputation which helps it in the
business side of school, as well as this having a uniform acquired to a certain
school allows people to identify which school people go to and hence can
prevent children from wanting to do crime .

When children first
wear their uniform on the first day of school it gives them a powerful rite of
passage and an equal powerful statement of belonging, where everyone is one the
same team. Some uniforms are a connection to the rich history of that
institution and are a symbolism of its distinguished community.  Mandatory student uniforms would only cause
massive disobedience and waste valuable time which can be spent on other
things. If some students wear
something inappropriate, more students will be influenced by this act and will
shall in. The student in question will be disciplined and will be made to wear
the uniform according to the given guidelines which would trigger massive
backlash from students. These uniforms on the other hand make the students
believe that they are a part of something bigger than themselves. Wearing a
uniform for girls can be considered a bother as girls are forced to wear skirts
throughout the day, in any other walk of life; we wouldn’t dream of telling
girls that they have to wear a skirt. In some schools girls are allowed to
colour their hair, where as boys aren’t allowed to do the same. The way a
person looks does not influence their education or their intelligence. Wearing
uniforms eliminates the statuses of clothing labels and price tags. Wearing
uniforms draws attention back on learning in the class room rather than on how
you look in the classroom. Uniforms shift the emphasis from how you look to
academic performance and personal achievements. While wearing uniforms gang
identification is obscured. Students show a more professional and mannered
behaviour once they put on uniforms. Bullying occurs whether students wear uniforms
or not. School
uniforms encourage followers not leaders. The practice discourages independent
thinkers. This follower mentality could extend into adulthood killing the only
sparks that some of these students give off during their adolescence. The push for students to wear uniforms
to improve behaviour lacks validity. Students grow and develop when they are
treated as free-range individuals. High standards of discipline, team spirit
and attainment are not synonymous with school uniform. The uniform is exactly that – a
uniform – rather than a fashion statement. Some girls welcome
wearing a uniform as fashion and image is something very important for some of
them, while wearing a uniform they don’t have to think about their appearance
as they look the same as everyone else, which gives a combined sense of
equality, where everyone is one and the same. Wearing a uniform takes of peer
pressure from students about what clothes they wear. Cutting of self expression
at a young age only stifles creativity and encourages conformity. Children
should be encouraged to express themselves to the most and should be also
pushed to think outside the box, by forcing them to wear uniforms it does not
help on any of that. The
gender-specific uniform guidelines often reinforce the gender binary in the
school environment. Though females can wear uniform pants, conflict would arise
if a male attempted to wear the specified ‘female’ attire. This poses problems
to LGBT progress in school environments. people say that wearing uniforms stops
bullying but what they don’t realize is that bullying is not going to disappear
along with its stereotypes just because there is a strict uniform policy, if
this was the case then bullying would have long been extent from schools. Mandatory
school uniforms do not play a role in producing a more heightened feeling of
school unity and safety. Although in the past years incidents have occurred
where the headlines screamed “DEATH OF TEENAGER” over a pair of
sneakers, jewellery and a designer jacket. In Detroit, a 15-year-old boy was
shot for his $86 basketball shoes. In Fort Lauderdale, a 15-year-old student
was robbed of his jewellery. In Oxon Hill, Maryland, a 17-year-old honour
student was killed at a bus stop, caught in the crossfire during the robbery of
another student’s designer jacket. Once a uniform is worn the social-economic
backgrounds disappear, no piece of clothing is then desired by another student
and the risked of one student stealing from another student is greatly reduce. Wearing
school uniforms doesn’t give the child any long tern benefits which leads them
to nostalgic thinking of school being an easier and less dangerous time. Students
should be crucial thinkers and ethical people, but how do children learn how to
make good decisions and take responsibility for their behaviour? By giving them
responsibilities and letting they make decisions and not following directions. uniforms
lets the authorities distinguish between who’s part of the institution and
who’s not, making it more safe for students as weapons are concealed under
baggy clothes, jumpsuits and overcoats. Uniforms hide the financial status of a
student’s family and everyone is concerned as on the same level not
discriminated by their financial status as this might happen due to when there
is no student uniform policy. Uniforms are cheaper as only two or three pairs
have to be bought, while normal clothes are more expensive and have to be
bought throughout the year.

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