In difficult to equip them online. As a new

In order to meet the demand of real-time spatial data processing and improve the online processing capability of photogrammetric
system, a kind of real-time photogrammetry method is proposed in this paper. According to the proposed method, system based on
embedded architecture is then designed: using FPGA, ARM+DSP and other embedded computing technology to build specialized
hardware operating environment, transplanting and optimizing the existing photogrammetric algorithm to the embedded system, and
finally real-time photogrammetric data processing is realized. At last, aerial photogrammetric experiment shows that the method can
achieve high-speed and stable on-line processing of photogrammetric data. And the experiment also verifies the feasibility of the
proposed real-time photogrammetric system based on embedded architecture. It is the first time to realize real-time aerial
photogrammetric system, which can improve the online processing efficiency of photogrammetry to a higher level and broaden the
application field of photogrammetry.
* Corresponding author. Research is supported by China’s Natural Science Fund Project (Project Number: 41171357).
In recent years, with the development of computer technology, a
new generation of digital photogrammetry based on cluster
computer system has emerged, and the efficiency of
photogrammetry has been greatly improved (ZHANG Jian-qing,
KE Tao, etc., 2008). However, such systems are bulky and with
high power consumption, it’s difficult to equip them online. As
a new technology, real-time photogrammetry has a broad
development prospects in dealing with emergencies. When
disasters and other unexpected events arise, accessing to spatial
data in real time is necessary, i.e. while the aircraft is flying, the
photogrammetric data of the area that the aircraft covered can
be captured and processed in real time and the results can be
submitted once the aircraft landed. However, up to now there is
still no effective means to achieve it. Currently, the difficulties
of ground systems for online data processing mainly lie in the
following aspects: (a) space of aircraft is small (b) the load is
restricted (c) power supply is limited and unstable (d) no
manual interaction is acceptable. To overcome these difficulties,
a system with low power consumption, small size and high
integration based on embedded computing technology is
essential for online processing. Therefore, combining embedded
computer system with photogrammetry is one of the developing
directions of real-time photogrammetry.


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