In be overcome. One simple yet effective way of

In the article “Challenges of a
College Tutor” by A. Lugunes, C.A. Torres of University of Veracruz, Mexico,
and J.C. Judikis of University of Magallanes, Chile one of the main challenges
of tutors in Latin America is found to be the understanding of what the
university and the professors expect from their students in terms of “procedures
and formalities” (129). “Procedures and formalities” cover a wide range of
topics such as writing style, plagiarism policies, citation style, voicing, and
a plethora of other topics related to writing. Which topics and styles of
topics that are to be used in the classroom setting is up to the personal
choice of the professor and university (and in the case of plagiarism, the
law), and it is up to the writing tutor to know which of these topics apply to
which student depending on the professor that he/she may have. This can become
a challenge for the tutor because this requires them to understand the differences
between each professor and be able to alternate which choices they should make
multiple times throughout a day.

This same challenge can be applied
to the VCSU campus. Because there are so many English faculties, along with
many other professors that require the writing of essays and papers, it can be
difficult for the VCSU writing tutor to keep track of what he/she should have
his/her tutee do while writing. However, there are ways that this problem can
be overcome. One simple yet effective way of overcoming this obstacle would be
to have the tutee bring their assignment sheet with him/her the first time
he/she meets with the tutor. This would allow the tutor to have a clear
understanding of what the assignment is and better be able to help his/her
tutee. Another effective way to resolve this issue would be to have each
professors email on hand so that if the tutor has any questions on any of the
assignments he/she can quickly get an answer without having to go too far out
of his/her way.

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