In 1993

In 1993, a 23-year-old stockbroker named Trent Dyrsmid came to work at a bank in Abbotsford, Canada. He was an inexperienced novice, so no one expected big things from him. Moreover, Abbotsford was then a relatively small city in the shadow of neighboring Vancouver, where the main financial life was concentrated and major deals were made. Surprisingly, he made immediate progress; it was because of the one simple habit that he adhered to every day. He put two jars on the table. One of them was filled with 120 staples. Every morning he start with one paper clip, he make one phone call and put one paper clip on other jar. So, in a day he makes 120 phone calls.
For 18 months, the sum of Dyrsmid’s transactions reached 5 million dollars. By that time, he had already earned 75 thousand dollars a month. Other companies began to hunt for him and, eventually, he accepted the offer of one of them and began to receive 200 thousand a month. When asked about his success story he said-success is often the result of a constant repetition of the basic and important thing.
How you can use paper clip strategy on daily basis?
If you decide to do 50 squats in a day, take 5 paper clips. Start with 10 squats at a time and put one paper clip in another jar, and after 5 set the another jar will be empty.
If you decide to drink 8 glasses of water a day then take 8 paper clips. After drinking one glass of water, put one clip in another jar.
Another important lesson we can learn is we should focus on one thing at a time. We try to achieve everything at once. We try to change our all our bad habits in a day, it can’t be possible to do that. We should try to change habits or learn new habit-one at a time.
The habit formation normally takes 21 days, but the number of days depends on the type of habit you are trying to work out. Give yourself 60 days to learn something new. Don’t feel dishearten, it will be difficult in starting days but you will definitely learn it.
It is important to act constantly; if you will miss for more than 2 days then you won’t be able to continue it. Here the main thing is not to give up, don’t stop striving for what you want, because of the temporary mood change. Don’t let your brain say that your discomfort in the present will necessarily last for long time. You should have patience and you will definitely make your way easier.


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