IDEAL SOCIETY Michelle Schultz English 289 April 13

Michelle Schultz
English 289
April 13, 2018
Sometimes I wonder what it would be like if we could turn back time and change the society to what we think an ideal society should be. Do you think that if we could change our society that men and women would be equal? From the beginning of time all society judge people from their color, sexuality, and what job they might have. In any society there is always going to be someone being judged for what they like, what they are wearing, how they act in public, or even what rumors people might be spreading thru the society. I also believe that the children should have to go to school for the knowledge they need to learn.

I believe that the people who break the law by drinking and driving should get caught because they are endangering others on the road. Once they get caught they should get a ticket for Driving Under the Influence which they should not get to drive ever again without having a breathalyzer in their vehicle. If they have a breathalyzer in their car they won’t be able to start it if they have been drinking which would safe other people from their stupid decisions. I believe that if the restaurant has leftover food they should give it to the homeless people instead of just throwing it in the trash. Not everyone is lucky to get a nice hot meal so if we can spare some leftovers then the homeless people would appreciate it. In my ideal society there would not be any littering at all and if they were caught littering they would have to pick up trash for a long time.

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I believe in my society there would not be any crime, but we all know this is not reality. A crime is if you steal, rape, or kill anyone you should be punish for the crime you have committed. The punishment for someone that would rape or molest a young child, or any adult should have the same treatment forced on them like they did to the victim. The punishment for someone that steals from other should be put in jail for a long time. Once they get out of jail I think that they should have to repay the person back or replace what they have taken that was not theirs in the beginning. The punishment for killing someone I think that they should be put on death row, because nobody has the right to take anyone’s life away from them. The adults that kill innocent babies should have the same treatment done to them what they did to the innocent baby. In my society there will not be any tolerance of murdering anyone.

People must have a job to get money to buy what they need and If you did not have a job then you would have to trade something you did not need for something you did need. Yes, there is money in my society and the taxes that the government will take out of their checks are not a lot, so you can afford to buy groceries, be able to live in a nice house, and be able to take your family on vacation. In my society I think that every adult must have a job to make money to buy groceries, pay for their bills that they have created. If you make good money, then you can have nice things that you will appreciate once it is yours.
I believe that an ideal ruler was not someone chosen by circumstance or privilege so much as by an inner calling and it should take several steps to find a ruler that would be perfect for the society. I believe that a ruler should be able to step to the base, be able to solve problems, and make good choices for the society. Once you find the right person to put on the list to choose from this is when the society will have a chance to pick who they would like to be their ruler. If you do not voice your opinion when it is time to pick, then you must deal with what the others have picked. You just hope that they pick the right one to be the leader and to make the choices for us. This ruler should have strong feelings about certain problems that is going on in the society to be able to fix the problem without making a lot of people mad in the society.

There are all kinds of religion to choose from like Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Buddhism and there are many more religions out there. I believe that most of the society will practice being a Christian. Christians must go to church every Sunday to worship their god and here what the script of the day is. Christians are requiring to act like a Christian and not just talk like them. Anyone can claim to be a Christian, but you must match your faith in god. I believe that religion will be a factor in the government because most of society has their opinion on certain way religion should be. Religion is a big part of government and the society we live in.

I think that children should start going to school from age five until they graduate from high school. The knowledge that the children learn in school will help them to prepare to enter the society once they have graduated from school. This is when they will find there purposes in the society that they live in. Some of the children goes on the college
Society should be for ideal society because they justify and Society?
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