I’d our rights like land, air and food. Vandalism

I’d like myself a glass worldA glistening glass galaxy of genuine candid clarity.  glass people, glass thoughts, glass buildings, glass loss. there’d be a shiny metropolis, transparent only to few, who note the fragile policies and people it debuts.As glass, people would stand and as mirrors, they’d reflect,the personas that society taught them would be best. They’d wear glass slippers, under glass ceilings and wait for others to fight their hearings. In a technical world, their hearts would cry, deprived of the soul humanity abides by.  There’d be a tiny fragile me on a huge fragile rock, where diplomas would make people smart and art made one not. where corporations print money and we give them the world, then buy back our rights like land, air and food. Vandalism is a crime but we’d smash forests as humans are prime. We’d look at half empty glasses as other’s cups stood bare. in a world where Misfortune goes viralDiscrimination is vital Permanent is pretty And those mentally diagnosed aren’t witty we’dplace life hacks over life facts Pretty pictures over the truth And Political drama over political newsand thus willingly miserably fit into this historyand continue to look at earth as if it were a mystery. with boundless choice, we’d restrict people to single voice.we battle immigrants over povertychase dollars instead of dreams Life has been given to us to create, not recreate cite source and wait, But, make something, original, do something truly pivotal. We push the lonely to feel sought after and open doors of opportunity to people without passion we learn to save money instead of build wealth we forget that people lose healthwhere time is fast and life is short we wait, or otherwise exploit ourselves to pursue the dreams someone told us we should have. In a glass world we’d be so shattered the glass city wouldn’t stand at all, but exist in a glass delusion, one step back into reality and the perfect standing glass is really an illusion. where gentry and generalizations would be of outgrown generic generations and governers would spread genuine data. I don’t believe in society but confide in humanity A change for the future doesn’t involve a desk but maybe just shutting down and letting minds reset.Stop writing paths we think are definite forgetting that life is infinite and learn to embark on a path in which 2070 will benefit.


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