I way to cheer each other up!?Inspired by Tim

I recently started my stint as a 4th grade teacher for 67 very enthusiastic and bright children.?I have been looking for ways to enhance, not only their academic profile, but also their overall well-being. You see, these are no ordinary 4th graders, most of them come from a household that barely gets by each day.?Although they understand the complexity of their situations, they are not defined by their background. Sometimes a kid’s morale can get low due to their domestic conditions, but this band of ragtag angels find a way to cheer each other up!?Inspired by Tim Ferriss’ philosophy in the book, ‘Tools of Titans’ that encourages us to celebrate the small wins, I came up with the jar of awesome for our classroom.WHAT IS JAR OF AWESOME?JAR of AWESOME is exactly what it sounds like, a jar filled with pure AWESOMENESS! We are all humans, and just as humans do, we have a tendency to hold on to bad memories while forgetting the good ones. the JAR of AWESOME is designed to save all these amazing moments of small victories that one is likely to forget in the next week, or month, as time passes.?For my classroom, we made a community Jar of Awesome, that everyone helped decorate (pictures coming soon). Any day, any time, a person feels like they have experienced something awesome, be it at school or home, they write it down on a piece of colorful paper, read it for the whole class, and then put it in our jar.Owing to the Rotary guidelines, I am yet to gain permission to upload pictures of the classroom space and my kids, but I’m hoping to get the green light soon. As corny and cliched as it may sound, these kids have become a part of my family, I have learnt more about humility and empathy from them in just 4 months than most people experience in their lifetimes. I would like to share their stories and ambitions here. I am also going to be using this space to upload the pictures/texts from our jar. And if you are interested in financially adopting a child to help them through their education, you can contact me at the given E-mail and I will guide you to the right authorities.


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