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I read the book For One More Day by Mitch Albom because of my interest in his works. I have read Tuesdays with Morrie and The Five People You Meet in Heaven, and I knew I would really enjoy this book. For One More Day is about a man named Charley (Chick) Benetto who had a strong relationship with his mother, one that can last for eternity. When Chick was just a boy, he was told by his father that you can either be a “mama’s boy” or a “daddy’s boy”, but you can’t be both. Chick had chose to be a “daddy’s boy”, and looks up to him, until one day, he had abandoned and left his family. Chick has to now look up to his mother, who raises him and his sister Roberta all on her own. Chick was ashamed of being the son of a newly single mother, since it wasn’t very common in the 1950’s-1960’s. He wanted to have a complete family again. As Chick grew older, he had become a defeated and discouraged man. He uses alcohol as a way to help his regret, and make him forget. He loses his job, leaves his wife and daughter, and is at his worst point when he discovers he was not invited to his own daughter’s wedding. Chick feels the only way to forget all of the pain he’s been through is to take his life. He attempts suicide twice, before waking up and finding his mother who had died eight years earlier, and being able to spend one more day with her. Some of the characters we meet in For One More Day have a great impacts on Chick’s story. Charley Benetto was an all star baseball player, who had made it into major leagues. He lived his life taking his mother for granted. When his mother died, he then realized how much he loves his mother. As his life went on, he started to make poorer choices and become an alcoholic who believed he didn’t have a purpose to live. His mother, Posey Benetto, is a loving and caring person to Chick and his sister Roberta. Posey began as a nurse, and then became a beautician and housekeeper after the divorce. Leonard Benetto is Charley’s father. He was the man that Charley tried to impress all the time, yet his father still left the family for Posey to raise her children alone. Catherine is Charley’s ex-wife, and they divorced as a result of Chick’s alcoholism. Maria is Charley’s daughter who hadn’t invited Chick to her wedding, which is the biggest reason why Charley wanted to end his life. As Chick’s day with his mother is described, so is his past along with it. Most of his past is split into “Times My Mother Stood Up for Me” and “Times I Did Not Stand Up for My Mother.” This shows how Charley views his life as always being there for his father who never really cared for his family, rather than how he thinks he should have spent his life as being there for his mother. I tried to connect this to my life, and Chick’s feelings made me think about people in my life I can appreciate more, because later, I could be wishing that I had spent more time with them. It made me think that if there are people in your life that clearly don’t appreciate what you do or who you are, you should spend time with people who do truly care for you and not to take them for granted. The biggest theme in For One More Day is family. Chick and his mother share a relationship that helps Chick realize what he needs to do in his life, and fix what he has done to his relationship with Catherine and Maria. Posey also helped Chick realize that he shouldn’t have to choose between being a “mama’s boy” or a “daddy’s boy”. She also helps Chick realize many things that contribute greatly to the story. Charley and his father don’t share such a great relationship, but Charley still found his father’s approval more important than his mother’s love. Charley’s father makes him miss Posey’s birthday party to play baseball, and Charley approves because he cares more about making his father proud. Another important theme in For One More Day is adjusting to parent’s divorce. Chick’s life is changed greatly after his parent’s divorce. The neighborhood shuns their family, Posey is judged, and she loses her job. Chick becomes angry at his mother for the divorce, because he feels his father will never come home. There is a difference between the book and the movie. A difference is that the narrator for the prologue and epilogue is shown right away in the movie, taking away the shock of finding it out when reading the book. Although it took away the shock, while watching the movie, they went back and forth from the story to Chick telling this person the story, which made it easier to follow. In For One More Day, there was a lot of suspense, the book is a good length, the title was appropriate to the story, and the plot was very interesting to read. I didn’t want to put the book down because of the lessons, themes, and things that the book teaches you. This book taught me many things about life, and opened my eyes to many things that happen everyday. I highly recommend this book to everyone!


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