I not give up on even the toughest problem.

I always remember my father’s reiterating words – “Knowledge possesses great power to change
the world” – have profoundly impacted my thinking and planning. My lifetime
has essentially coincided with the rise of modern computing industry. This
technological and computing revolution has drastically changed our lives and has
potentially redefined us, as a human. The idea that the entire planet is
connected together with huge information network across the continents
intrigued me. Even logging into Facebook with some new feature, invokes a sense
of marvel. Here are innovations that hold infinite scope for creativity and
logic. I feel a similar sense of exhilaration when I see my programming code
run successfully. It is this feeling, which till date, drives me to not give up
on even the toughest problem. And it is this sense of programming, together
with my deep eagerness for various applications and technologies propels me to
apply for MS in *********.

My interest in applied science dates back to my school
days. My analytical and logical skills helped me to secure good marks in
Mathematics. Computer was always a luxury for me until our school was funded
with a computer lab; and thus fulfilled my urge of learning computer basics. In
my 10th grade, HTML language was first introduced. Seeking my
passion, my professor helped me to gain knowledge of basic languages. I developed
a HTML-web page, for which professor appreciated me. My predilection for
programming escalated more as I came in contact with open source operating
system. I soon realized that problem-solving aspect through programming was
what I enjoyed the most. And thus, engineering was a natural career choice.

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Through the course of the four-year Bachelor’s degree
program, I acquired an overall perspective of scientific discipline, with a
particular interest in Database Management and .NET Technology. Object Oriented
Programming, Data Structures, and Mobile Computing were some of the other areas
that captured my attention. My keen interest in the subjects translated into
receiving good grades in the ******** lab. While working on my final year
project “Home Automation using Android Phone”, I found the field of
******************** very interesting. I also involved myself in numerous
projects, including prototypes of “Online Shoe Shopping”, “Theater Management
System”, which were developed using Asp.Net and SQL Server 2012. Apart from the
projects undertaken in college, my desire to gain exposure to the software
industry prompted me to take up a training program. In the summer of 2013, I
spent 3 months in Deven Infotech, Aurangabad, where I worked on PHP, and SQL.

Beyond academics, my student life has been replete
with active participation in extra-curricular activities. At the school level, I
was among top 5 students and was very active and an all-rounder. I was a
regular participant in poster competitions, cultural activities and various science
exhibitions. My science project ‘Terrace Irrigation’ – aimed for terrace
gardening – secured first prize in science exhibition while pursuing my 9th
grade. My focus on the extra-curricular front extended to the college level as
well. I shouldered positions of responsibility, like department Ladies
representative (from 2012 to 2014) and head chief for an technical event
‘FLASH’ which was conducted in our department. They inculcated leadership,
organizational and teamwork skills in me. Also, my undertakings with the Rotary
Club kept my sense of duty towards the society alive.

 A span of
professional experience at “Connect Enterprises”, Aurangabad, has given me a
gist of corporate culture. Here, I started my career as ‘Marketing Executive’,
presenting and sourcing web based projects to clients. These projects were on
PHP, Asp.net, HTML, mobile application development and some java related
technologies such as a Servlet, JSP. Working on these projects granted me a
chance for practical experience in IT management field. I got a fair idea about
organization, its structure and projects which triggered me to pursue masters
in *******.  The curriculum at ************
will not only arm me with future technologies but also quench my thirst for
learning and practicing this fascinating technology.

Due to rapid advancements in technology, dynamic
markets and changing global business environment, the demand for professionals
who can manage, deliver and support information systems has augmented.
Organizations demand those IT professionals who can work closely and
effectively with their business partners to come up with innovative
opportunities to leverage Information Technology for competitive advantage.
This needs an appropriate balance of technical and business management.
Master’s degree in ********, will present me to gain a greater understanding of
strategic alignments between Information Technology and Business. My goal is to
be a “System Analyst” with a Ph.D., which will enable me to design new IT
solutions, modify existing systems and integrate new features or improvements,
all with the aim of improving business efficiency and productivity. For this
reason, I want to sharpen my business acumen and combine it with solid
technical knowledge. The exceptional framework of “***** University” along with
my dedication and hard work can surely take me miles ahead.


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