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I would like to study to develop a career in international studies/business as I am passionate about learning about other cultures. Growing up in a multicultural community such as Bradford has already allowed me to experience and learn so much about diverse values and beliefs and I am eager to learn more about the political, economical and cultural differences throughout the world.The courses I have applied for interest me as they allow me to educate myself on important aspects of each culture and would help me further my understanding of other countries around the world. They would also help me understand the roots of traditions, so I can begin to understand how and why old traditions clash with 21st century norms and the possible conflicts that can arise because of this clash. This is something that interests me deeply as I have experiences just how difficult it is in my own culture to compromise between tradition and modern normality.Through my activities in school, I was introduced to a group of people whose culture was incredibly different to the ones I had seen around me. This group was the Maasai tribe in Kenya and my team were asked to help sell jewellery that they had created, to donate the money back to them. We had to learn the meaning of the colours used in the jewellery as it was highly symbolic and important to the Maasai tribe. An example of this would be that white symbolised purity as it’s the colour of cow milk, an animal seen as pure and holy; whereas blue symbolised energy and the sky, which was important as it provided rain for the cattle). This astounded me as it represented the strong culture and influence of tradition on the Maasai tribe even in the 21st century which encouraged me to learn more about other cultures around the world.My school subjects have also partially developed my understanding of other cultures. An example would be when we were learning about individualist cultures, which focus on the achievements of the individual, and collectivist cultures, which focus on the achievements of the community as a whole. This furthered my interest of different cultures as I wanted to learn more about how this could affect people living in the different cultures.I feel knowing and understanding other peoples’ culture and values with which they were brought up with can help us not only connect on a deeper level, but also help improve the lives of everyone, at home and abroad. An example could be, due to the recent suicide of Kim Jonghyun in South Korea, more light has been shed both nationally and internationally on the working conditions of people in the Korean entertainment industry. This has led to calls from fans for entertainment companies to provide mental health support for their artists and a petition which, at the time of writing, has gained over 400K supporters. It has also raised awareness about the topic of mental health in South Korea as it is surrounded by negative stigma and is not taken seriously. Hopefully in the future, with more awareness, we can remove the stigma surrounding mental health and provide effective support for those who need it.Collaborating and working with other countries can help provide a better lifestyle for people in both countries. By working together to secure trade deals with other countries we can hopefully improve the lives of those most vulnerable in our countries e.g. the elderly, homeless, physically and mentally restricted people. By looking after those who need our help in society I believe the whole of society can benefit.


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