I made it famous and is the reason why

I must
say that I’m a big advocate of WordPress. For the past decade, I’ve made 100s
of different websites using the WordPress platform. WordPress is capable of
enhancing a website in many different ways, whether it’s through cost
efficiency, the ability to take control of one’s site (editing content)
advanced functionality (such as eCommerce, user submitted content, etc.), or
improved search results. WordPress is a very ingenious piece of software, and I
fully enjoy using it to make very attractive and functional websites.


is a list of 7 reasons why you should consider using WordPress for your

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1. WordPress is Open Source


the hundreds of other open source solutions out there that come with their own
catch, WordPress is completely free to use. WordPress doesn’t charge you the
moment your site reaches a certain size, nor does close of certain aspects of
it, pending payment. This is one thing that sets it head and shoulders above
its competitors, there are no fees, no nonsense, just plug and play.


2. SEO is Easy with WordPress


started off exclusively as a content management system for blogs, but has since
evolved into something that is flexible enough to be considered for more than
just blogging. One of the best aspects of WordPress, that has made it famous
and is the reason why so many people love to use it over its competitors, is
its SEO features, which are embedded into its core.


3. It Has Lots of Functions


with your typical features such as commenting and blogging, WordPress also
provides you with a host of other features. Plugins work as an extension that
allows the end user to add additional functions to the content management
system. The popularity of WordPress has led to many developers making a vast array
of plugins for it. With these plugins you can create slideshows, video
galleries, just to name a few. Other plugins are capable of turning your
website into an eCommerce site, or giving you statistics on your sites user
experience. In most cases, you can install a plugin within a couple of clicks.


4. Customisable Appearance


WordPress, you are able to give your website any look that you want. There are
thousands of different themes out there, all with their own look, so if you
want your site to look like an eCommerce site or magazine site, there is a
theme out there for you. In addition to that, it’s also possible for you to
change the colour and images of your themes, so you can get them to look just
right. Changing fonts and backgrounds are also possible, without the need for
any coding.


5. Great Security


at first glance may not seem like a highly secure content management system,
this is because of its open source nature. However, the reality is that that is
far from reality. The real reality is that WordPress has its own security team
that works around the clock making sure that their system is highly secure. Thus,
your website is much securer than you could ever hope it to be.


6. Its Universal


typically happens when your company parts way with the developer of your
standard website? In most cases, the company is forced to start all over again,
when contacting a new web designer. This does prove to be time consuming and
expensive. However, when you use a universal platform like WordPress, your new
web designer should have little difficulty picking things up from where your old
designer left off. The reality is that anyone with just a basic understanding
of PHP should have no difficulty taking control of a new website created in


7. WordPress Has an Excellent Reputation


you thinking of making a website using WordPress? Then you are in the right
frame of mind. WordPress as a company is trusted by Fortune 100 companies, such
as CNN, Time.com and Forbes.com, as they all run their websites off this
platform. So what are you waiting for?


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