I lines. So, online shops are available for every

      I am not a shopaholic. Shopping is not my
passion. I hated the crowds, the rows, the floors and the nagging feet. I am
even hated the free food samples. So, I am rare going to a shopping mall. I
prefer more online shopping than shopping malls. Online shopping defined as the
activity of buying goods or services over the internet. In my point of view,
undeniably online shopping will soon misplace al the traditional malls. Online
shopping is more convenient than traditional malls because we can shop from the
luxury of our own house, can save our precious time and also can purchase all
the time.

      Primely, online shopping can save our
inestimable time. Time is precious, time will not lie. Time won’t stop moving
in this cruel world. Time is ticking. Time had begun to dissolve into itself,
as shapeless as the rain. So, as a living soul in the earth we should known
some tactics about managing our precious time. Therefore, customers do not have
time to stand in a long queue in front of counters. Leaving out, we can just
stay at our leisure home, click the mouse and only expend several minutes to
online shopping. We no need to walk all the floors and get leg pain. So, there
is no doubt that online shopping provides more benefits.

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      In addition, internet shopping attracts
people because it is convenient to shop. The convenience is the biggest revive.
We will feel comfortable to shop in the midnight even wearing pyjamas. Online
shops give us the marvellous chance to shop 24/7 and get promotions as well.
There is no excelling place to buy goods with the information and guide lines.
So, online shops are available for every day.

      Inevitably, there have disadvantages of
online shopping. One of the prejudice is delay in delivery. Sometimes,
purchases delivery will take long duration. The delivery of the goods to the
doorsteps will takes about 1-3 weeks. Most of the online shopping’s apps won’t
deliver on festival days and weekends. So, customers should make sure their
timing of shipment when ordering the item.

      In short, since the internet has come to
our breath, it has had give a bulky influence on humankind. Even though, it
still has some negative side, we cannot deny the facts that people are very
frequent to the internet shopping. Online shopping is good but we should safe
all the time.


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