I institute in my country for Bachelor’s of Science

I hereby declare that the following
statement pf purpose have been written independently and originally by me
without using any unfair means and everything stated in it is true to the best
of my knowledge.

I am
writing this letter in order to apply for the Master’s Degree program in
Computer engineering at Hungarian varsities for the academic year 2018. This
program will be a stepping stone towards my ultimate goal of pursuing research
in the field of “Deep Learning in Radar Imaging”.

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from my formative years in school, I had an aptitude for science and actively
participated in numerous science-exhibitions and talent search exams. This interest
led me in the science stream. I secured a good percentage of 77 and 82 in the
matriculation and intermediate respectively. The education system is highly
competitive in Pakistan with too many candidates for a limited number of seats
in institutions of science and technology and it has always challenged me to
remain at the fore-front of my class. Through my sincerity and diligence, I
have met these challenges with a chin up and always maintained good percentage
in my academic career. With my good academic record,

secured admission in University of Central Punjab one of the most prestigious
private institute in my country for Bachelor’s of Science course in Electrical
Engineering. Maintaining my prior standards and being motivated to comprehend
fundamentals of subjects. I completed my bachelor’s degree with a CGPA of 3.13
out of 4.


the final year of my engineering studies, I joined hands with three other
students of my class to make a working project based on the skills we learned
during four years of our engineering studies. Our project was titled “Design
& Implementation of Vision Based Navigation Module for Robots in Soccer
Field” in which we designed a team of two soccer playing robots, which
were able to play effectively against opponent team, our task was complex and
involved extensive brainstorming on mechanical and electrical designs and
ability to produce some intelligent algorithms. This is one of the most interesting large projects that I had
a chance to be a part of. It was a great learning experience, which I really enjoyed.
Also our final year project was adjudged the “Best Project” among all the
projects submitted by the final year students.


completing my engineering degree, I began my professional working experience
with an internship program in Schneider Electric, the one of best multinational
automation company. I was one among the few selected for a four week internship
program in my city. From that four week internship program, I was able to
understand MatLab Programming, Simulink Designing, Data Logging (Microsoft
Excel) more precisely. After successful completion of my first internship, I
was also selected by software company Bilytica Pvt Ltd, also multinational
company, for eight weeks internship program, where I learned new things and
explore my skills. I learned SEO and content writing through which I enhanced
my writing skills as well as developed my SEO. During my internship I learnt
many creative things and it not only increased my knowledge but also provided
me with an experience of professional world working culture. 


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