I have been fascinated by creative ideas that arise

I have been fascinated by creative ideas
that arise out of deep involvement and single minded pursuit in a particular
subject and then consequential discoveries and applications. My purpose in
writing this essay is to impress upon you my very carefully considered
professionals, as well as personal, reasons for applying to South University
there by to conceive you of my likely superior future value to the field should
you admit me to your excellent and applying for admission to the PhD degree
program in Computer & Application Technology. During my undergraduate study
in Bachelor of Science in Information Technology at the Sindh Agriculture
University Tando Jam I have been able to utilize my analytical and
problem-solving skills to achieve top grades in challenging courses like
(Software Project Management, Data Base Systems, Telecommunication Systems,
Digital Logic Design, Microprocessor & Interfacing, Software Engineering,
Object Oriented Programming, Data Communication etc.). My dedication and hard
work have helped me not only to maintain an aggregate of 3.75GPA with 82.09% in
my undergraduate.



I am a graduate in Bachelors of Science in
Information Technology. After completing my graduation I am need to gain more
managerial skills because everybody wants to grow and reach a particular
destination. I have excelled in academics at every step in my education.
Throughout twelve years of schooling I have always been ranked among the top of
my class. My undergraduate record is consistent through all the semesters,
though I was more interested in some of the course and their practical
applications. My undergraduate courses and project have given me plenty of
exposure to these areas and I feel that I have sufficient motivation and
aptitude to work in this field (SAU Accounting System based on Java as well as
in Oracle). I already have experience and knowledge gained from working on
earlier teams, in this very field that I want to pursue further. I know the
satisfaction and pride that these past achievements have given me and also the
desire to produce additional advances. In all my various past roles as a
Computer Instructor in a School as well as Lecturer in Information Technology,
Sindh University, Pakistan.

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Based on Graduation Degree I got
scholarship as a Master Student from South University, China. So from 2012-Sept-05
till 2015-June-30, I am studying in this university, during my first and second
half year I have done my course work with excellent performance, I learned
these courses (Applied Statistics, Multimedia Technology, Advanced Computer
Algorithms, Advanced Network Technologies, Digital Image Application Process,
Artificial Intelligence, Computer Architecture, Network Design and Management,
Operating System Internals etc.) In my courses work I got 3.85GPA out of 4.00,
during course work I started my research work also, I am doing research in the
field of Data Mining, and my research topic is Deep Learning using word2vec. My
dedication and hard work have helped me to complete not only all courses work for the master degree program as well as
very soon I will publish a paper in peer viewed journal paper.
Within few months I will finish my thesis as well. Hope I will graduate before
2015-06-30 with highest academic performance.

Now I would like to further extend my
knowledge and pursue a PhD degree in the field of Computer & Application
Technology from your university. The distinguished faculty and excellent
facilities at your university make its PhD program ideally suited to my
professional goals. The flexibility of the curriculum will give me the
broad-based education I need to widen the scope of my knowledge and skills. The
diversity of the student body will open my mind to new influences, new ideas
and new ways of doing things. And your PhD program will definitely provide me
with these possibilities

believe that the combination of continuing desire for self-improvement,
increased learning, combined with my insistence on approaching problems with
both reason and practical application and thus to lay new paths with new ideas
is my defining character. I further believe that this character will take me
forward successfully to explore new paths and lay new ideas in my field. At the
same time, I strongly hope that you will recognize my solid experience in the field
of Computer Application & Technology and my strong motivation compelling me
to become a Professional as clear indications of probable future success, and
admit me to the South University.

I hope to fulfill my ambition in South
University, China which I consider as one of the best university for research.
With my excellent academic performance and great interest for doing research, I
am confident that I will be able to meet the standards South University.

I would like to end by saying that that I
am fully aware that a career in research and academics requires a high level of
intelligence, unwavering dedication and a lot of sacrifice. I am confident that
I would meet all the above demands, and hence I appeal to the Graduate
Admissions Committee to consider me for admission, and financial aid.


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