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I was 14 years old when I first saw a computer at my father’s office. I was excited and equally inclined to know how it worked and helped him store the files & organize his work. It was the late 90s when the Internet and email were the next big things in the industry that had quite an impact on me. All of these inspired me to pursue a bachelor’s degree in computers and later starting my career at Infosys, was a dream come true. Over the years, I worked for many Fortune 500 companies and gained the insights into how technology propels the businesses and allows them to stay competitive in their respective markets. The roles I have held in the past and recently at LexisNexis have required me to develop & improve my teamwork and leadership skills, as well as my critical reasoning and engineering skills. At this stage in my career, an MBA program would help me take the first step towards the actualization of my intellectual pursuits. It would also provide me a platform where I learn new skills related to finance, strategic planning, to participate in the entire process of developing new products. It will also help me develop a more structured approach and empower me to tackle the strategic and tactical issues. I intend to utilize these new skills in my current job and help to take my team forward. At LexisNexis, we provide content, technology solutions that enable professionals in legal, tax, government & academic organizations. We take pride in being one of the world’s oldest and largest research repository. However, in other areas of businesses we faced challenges in bringing some of this great content on to the internet using the latest technologies. I believe that skilled leaders with the engineering knowledge and unique business leadership skills can serve as the important link to realize these ideas. Being adept at persuasion and generating “buy-in” from others – engineering leaders can shape the future of the company. They bring in fresh perspectives, knowledge, and insights based on their coursework with diverse classmates. Duke MBA would also allow students like me to be able to look beyond the engineering boundaries and communicate adeptly to the product development as well as the business team. I’m pursuing a Duke MBA because I want to become a better technology strategist and grow as an effective leader. Duke’s unique cohort-based learning approach brings in a diverse set of personalities from different personal and professional backgrounds. Coupled with case method-based curriculum, the program would challenge me to learn something new every term. The program allows me to enhance my team-building skills by working with professionals from varied cultural and functional backgrounds to be a better decision maker for tomorrow. Fuqua’s distinguished alumni bring in several networking opportunities for me, that could help me find a mentor and a right venue for my growth as a leader. 


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