I am requesting Biddy again to write this for me

I am requesting Biddy again to write this for me. I am truly happy that Pip has told me the truth behind the incident involving the missing food that has been missing from the house pantry. J truly believe that it shows that Pip will grow up to be responsible, caring man. Pip will always be my pride and joy and nothing would make me happier than to see him succeed and educate him as much as possible. He is like a son to me. He is a very unique boy, with different characteristics and traits than the other children. He has made me proud of being a father figure to him and I wish that he wouldn’t lie, but he promises me that he won’t, so there is no harm done there. He makes me very happy, he truly does. The little chap will be happier as a gentleman than as my apprentice. Even though he has to leave us, I will be happy knowing that he will be receiving the best opportunity possible. Nothing would make me happier than the fact that he receives the best education. No amount of money can replace the value he has given to me in my life. He is unique in all respects and has made me a proud and loving father and man. He shows promise wherever he goes and I can only can wish the best for him. I hope that he gets better opportunities than I ever had because I just want my boy to grow up to be happy and prosperous.


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