I am a lucid dreamer

I am a lucid dreamer. The dream is like an image in person’s mind. I often dream of perusing my goals. It is a powerful tool that guides me always. My parents always encourage me to dream and think life in a visual image that helps me to move forward. However, sometimes I fail toward my dreams and fall down. Eventually, I defeat all sarcastic situations with the help of courage that I get from my Parents, Professors, and Friends. Going to another gathering of individuals is dependably somewhat alarming, and most would fear an exchange to a place where they have hardly any colleagues, however I am sure of my capacity to mix in with the campus community and make an important commitment and contribution.
In your life you go through many life experiences that shape and light the way to your purpose. In my life experience, I have seen my family members have gone to the hospitals and sometimes felt hopeless to fix the situation they were going through. I have seen my grandparents have gone through different situations. Seeing the people that I loved the most in theses health situations made me want to learn more. This gave me a drive and passion and I wanted to be accountable for someone other than myself. I was influenced by my mom to become a Nurse. My mom is a Nurse and started working since 2000 from then I follow her footsteps and guides me to achieve and motivates to become a successful in life. After seeing all situations, the doctor’s facility staff deal with my family, I was amazed at how well they got to the issue and were there for them through everything.
I chose nursing because this allows me to be accountable for more than just myself and my family. A stranger walk in and I have to be ready with open arms to do whatever I can in my power and skill for them. I am ready for this challenge and I know that I have all the confidence in myself to reach my goal as a nurse no matter how long and difficult that road is. I am ready to be there for a patient through all steps of care such as illness, pain, growth, loss, grieving, birth, and much more. I can bring all my life experiences into every situation I encounter as a nurse to be exceptional. Some of my personal qualities that matches to become Nurse is Communication skills, Flexibility, Patience, Problem Solving Skills and Respect. I believe Nursing is a serious job a wrong move can danger the patience life. These are few qualities I have and want to learn more to make right decisions in different situations to become a good nurse.
My approach to learning and strategies that I use plan time to study schedule and I most often brainstorming activities by drawing diagram, models this helps me more visually think to organize ideas and thoughts. I maintain a good relationship with my professors ask for questions, clarification and guidelines for coursework. When I learn something new I prefer practical examples that relate to my personal experience. My approach to group work is valuable through discussions and get different ideas from other students. However, sometimes we encounter learning challenge it is like a roadblock. I like to take challenges and push through until I have solved the problem.


I'm Dianna!

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