How to Fix Windows 10 keeps restarting continuously

How to Fix Windows 10 keeps restarting continuously.
Today’s topic is about to considering the problem regarding continuous restarting of the Windows. In this problem computer ran into a problem of countless restart. This solution will be workable on the kinds of computer and systems.
Step by Step by Guide
1. A first step is to perform this operation you need to do is you have to restart your computer Laptop or PC by power On Off button. Repeat this operation three times.
In case, your computer does not show the automatic repair screen. Just go online on Microsoft website and download Windows Media Creation Utility for further. This is free download on Microsoft Platform.
Windows Media Creation Utility Center
It is the automatic procedure which introduced by the Microsoft. This helps to retrieve files rather installing new windows on your computer. In case of your system is crashed. It was created for the ease of the customers. Download this software on USB or CD drive.
2. When your computer display the screen of Automatic repair. Click on the option button of Advanced Option
3. Image 1
4. On the Next step click on the next tab troubleshoot the problem.
5. Image 2
6. On the Next step under the Trouble Shoot the problem another tab will appear click on the Advanced Options
7. Image 3
8. On the Next step click on the Command Prompt tab to the Command base system
9. Image 4
10. Now the Command Prompt will open before you on computer screen
11. Image 5
12. So at this point type C: to open the destination windows file from command prompt. Most of the computers keep the windows files on the C drive
13. Next step is to open the directory by typing dir and press enter. Also endure that you have opened the correct directory with computers Windows files
14. Image 6
15. Once you have opened the correct directory you need to do type this command
cd windowssystem32config and press enter
16. Image 7
17. Another essential step is type this command further MD Backup and press enter this process will lead you toward a duplicated file which you had created in past.
18. Image 8
19. The next command is type copy *.* backup and press enter to copy the files.
20. Image 9
21. Next command process is type CD regback and press enter
22. Image 10
23. A further process is again type further command dir in this if the directories will not show the numbers that will not work further. In case some numbers appear in the directory you need to move further with the following next step. If there are 0 figures in all the directories it recommended restoring the system.
24. Image 11
25. Next moving step is type copy *.*.. And press enter on the keyboard another dialogue will appear of over right Select the suitable option. (Yes/No/All): A recommendation is type letter A and press enter at this point type further exit. I am sure the problem will be no more.
26. Image 12


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