How has Cadbury’s logo evolved / changed with times

How has Cadbury’s logo evolved / changed with times?
Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate has become one of the world-renowned famous chocolate brands. In fact, the purple and gold colour palette has always been consistent since its launch in 1905. Compared to last time, Cadbury attracts new customers with the design of appealing decorative packaging. Unlike today, Cadbury focus on the chocolate and imagery that represents the company’s famous catch phrase that is “a glass and a half of full cream milk in every bar”.


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The new era has changed a new look for Dairy Milk with a brighter purple, featuring the ‘liquid’ 3D like background and the slightly curved Dairy Milk font. It also indicated the use of new ‘a glass and a half’ logo and it is more like realistic image, pouring milk into a chunk of Dairy Milk instead of a plain background.

Starting from 2003, Cadbury logo has evolved to a swirling purple oval, and a new white, bevelled, slightly squashed typeface, with the ‘s’ removed. 
The new Cadbury logo has changed to a completely flat, clean, purple background and the last remnants of the old ‘swirl. Finally, Cadbury Logo has been changed to small letter after the brief uses in the 1952-1961.

How does the logo play a part in Cadbury’s media strategy? Discuss with regards to:
Target audience
Cadbury targets kids within the age group of 5 to 10. This is because during this age, they are more likely to prefer chocolates more than other confectionary and it satisfies their needs. As time goes by, kids have been shifted to adults by Cadbury, including all the families who can celebrate any festival with Cadbury products. Besides that, Cadbury also targets on young generation who enjoy celebrating occasions by gifting chocolates in attractive packaging. Therefore, finest packaging of Cadbury is done and the products ranges are made available to its target audience.

Marketing strategies
Marketing Strategy
On Every Hand Everywhere
The customer demand of Cadbury flawless services from the salesmen and they have to deliver that to their customers. Cadbury is the leader in confectionery and chocolates. Cadbury sales team plays an important role in the success. They conduct surveys of consumer’s choice and requirements often. They deliver their products in supermarkets and also in those small shops, so that every segment of their customers can get their products easily.
Growing with Emerging Markets
The sales of the Cadbury company increase with the emerging markets. They fulfil the requirement of all segment of customers by modifying the products continuously. This leads them to a growth of at least 20% annually for the past three years.

Growing with the market
The main target of Cadbury is to attract the broader range of customers. They have created a base range of their acceptable chocolate brands at more reasonable and affordable price. They introduced the gift range for the different segment of customers.

Functional advantage
Cadbury Bournvita, is a brand of malted and chocolate malt drinks mix manufacture by Cadbury, a subsidiary of Mondelez International. It required providing nutrition that helps in the development and growth. The natural goodness of milk, chocolate and malt, is also known as “a cup of confidence”, which is prepared with vitamins A, B1, B3, B6, B12 and vitamin C, plus protein, calcium, manganese, iron, folic acid and zinc.
Choice of medium (media)
Cadbury have been establish on the world market for about two century from 1824 year and still popular until now 2018 . In between of this century they keep on update their logo , marketing development and more new product .Social media also start to develop on the industries , they also uses the social media to promote their product , also interact with their followers . The main corporate account was their Twitter account, but they have many Twitter account with different region example like CadburyUK, CadburyIreland, CadburyNewZeland,CadburyCanada and etc… They also joined the Google + social media and they only post status every couple weeks, but the status posted also will be shared to twitter and facebook ,but their post on Google + will not reply any comment from their followers . Facebook also is a good promoting and interaction tools with their followers they also have different pages like twitter and some brand product like Dairy Milk , Bournville , and Creme Egg.

Cadbury is still finding a good result on their branding and promoting their product on the social media especially on twitter they are frequently posting status and replying comment also shares their ways to prepare cadbury chocolate with different ways with different dishes or drinks .


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