Hong Kowloon Peninsula, Lantau Island and New Territories Island.

Hong Kong  The meaning of Hong Kong is ‘Beautiful Smelling Part’. It’s a individual countries connected to China since 1997. The mean languages are Chinese, Cantonese and English. Seven million people live in this country. It has got red and white flag. Hong Kong’s currency HKD (Hong Kong Dollar). HKD is the eighth most used currency in the world. Traffic goes from the left side because Hong Kong was British colonial. Hong Kong is a tax haven because tax nate is zero percent. You can buy a macbook or Iphone more cheaper than America. Hong Kong is the owner of the companies we know as English. For example, HSBC it means ‘Hong Kong & Shanghai Banking Corporation’ and very famous Watsons.  There are about 235 islands in Hong Kong. The main islands of here Hong Kong Island, Kowloon Peninsula, Lantau Island and New Territories Island. Victoria Hill (at Hong Kong Island) is the biggest hill in here. It’s got tropical monsoon climate. Typhoon seems at summer months. It’s at Southeast Asia.  It’s easy to being tourist in Hong Kong. When you arrive the Hong Kong Airport, airport officers will give you an envelope. There is a gift inside of envelope. This is a little surprise to make tourist happy.  If you want to stay for a long time in Hong Kong, it’s better for you to buy an Octopus Card because this card will help you not only transportation you can also use this card for shopping. There are just few markets where this card isn’t use. Transportation is very easy in Hong Kong. There is a very developed metro system in Hong Kong and it’s too cheap. Also, there are too many places you need to see.  Hong Kong Island is a important touristic places to visit. There are a lot of skyscrapers and business center in Hong Kong Island. Tourists can visit so many places. For example, Peak Tram, Hong Kong Convention Exhibition Center & Golden Bauhinia Square and Mid-Levels Escalator. Peak Tram was opened in 1888. It’s at Victoria Hill. Victoria Hill has got a wonderful scenery. You can go up to hill by cable car, taxi, bus or you can walk. Hong Kong Convention Exhibition Centre selected the best exhibition center in Asia in 2012. There is a statue called Golden Bauhinia in front of exhibition centre. The China Government gave a gift this statue. This statue is a symbol for Hong Kong. Everyday, people do a flag show in here. Mid-Levels Escalator is the longest escalator in the world. It consists of twenty escalators.  Lantau Island has got a international airport (at Chek Lap Kok Island). There are usually a lot of forest and mountains in here. For example, Lantau Peak (934 meter) and Tai Mo Shan (957 metre). Big Buddha (Tian Tan Buddha) is the biggest buddha statue in the world. It consists of 202 bronze pieces.  Kowloon Peninsula has got a Hong Kong’s biggest bazaar called Mongkok. This is the heart of the city. You can buy alive animals. Also, all kind of souvenirs. Avenue Of Stars is a seaside walking area. It has got a lot of Hong Kong’s famous star statues like Bruce Lee. If you don’t like them there is also Disneyland and Ocean Park they’re so enjoyable places.     If you want eat meal at restaurant, firstly you have to get turn and then you have to wait for a empty table. Almost every kind of meat is eaten here. For instance, chicken feet and chicken brain. Also, you can eat a lot of delicious meal. For example, Dim Sum, Congee, Tong Sui and Durian. Dim Sum’s mean is ‘touch your heart’. This is for breakfast and lunch. Its types is with shrimp, with pork and with egg. Congee is like a soup. Cooking time is 10 hours. Tong Sui is a dessert. Actually it’s a sweet soup. Ingredients: bean, sugar and tofu (tofu is a pudding). Finally, Durian is a fruit which is smells very bad. It tastes like jelly. Some people like it but some people doesn’t like it.  If you want to go Hong Kong, You should go to on october because it’s the best time to see.


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