Henry and Atticus were at the racist meeting

Henry and Atticus were at the racist meeting. Jean is surprised because she never thought of either of them as racist. She is angry at Henry for not telling her but is physically sick and vomits that Atticus was there. This shows the that Jean is very against racism, didn’t expect this from either and has lost lots of respect for Henry and Atticus, but mainly Atticus, which shows that she respected Atticus and isn’t as close to Henry as she or we think. Jean hates this and it makes her sick from just the fact that the two men (mainly Atticus) are even at the meeting even without speaking. After she goes to the Ice-cream shop that use to be her house this symbolises her desire and wanting for things to be how they were. In go Set a Watchman the black man without his arm gets acquitted, but in To kill a mockingbird gets found guilty, which means that the hidden meaning of the case changes completely as it allows us to realise that the community may believe that Atticus was fighting a battle for a good, innocent man compared to To kill a mockingbird where the rural community probably thought he was fighting for a criminal because he was no longer (compared to To kill a mockingbird) proven right. What this means is because he won the case Jean really respected him and never took him as a racist because he fought against racism at a time when it was popular instead of a lawyer who fought for what he believed and lost but still kept his dignity and was still respected and also seemed happy with this outcome. In To Kill a Mockingbird the balcony signifies equality, pride and justice because he fights for equality loud and proud of a public balcony during the day but in In to set a Watchman it symbolises racism and cowardice as the men discuss their racist ideas inside hidden away at night so nobody knows what they’re doing showing their cowardice.


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