Henceforth, the New World of the Americas and the Old World of Europe formed the Columbian Exchange: the transmission of food, plants, communicable diseases, slaves, and culture of the Western and Eastern hemisphere. On the other hand, in the 12th and 15thn century the Europe economy was changed by the interconnecting of sea and river trade routes, causing Europe to be the world’s most wealthy trading networks. In brief, the Mercantilism system the English and French began to challenge Spanish and Portuguese trades. Rather than establishing royal controlled trading England and France set up chartered companies which had controlled over settlement and trade in a given area. Nevertheless, the era of the Europen exploration and expansion was the start of a system of governance and commercial nation. People traded with places such as Africa to which the people were interested in trade and diverse culture, to which draw Europe to exotic places and far away, therefore, launching the era of the European expansion. To conclude,


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