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hello dd fdnkdjg;mbllmvxc1. What is Environmental Degradation?? decline of the environment through consumption resources like water and air. ? major threat? can occur due to factors such as…growth of populationeconomic growthincrease in energy consumption 2. Environmental Degradation in the 1980s in North America*describe what conditions were like, what factors were coming into play that caused environmental degradation in the 1980s? 3. Causes and Effects? causes of environmental degradation can include:Disturbance of Land ? can be caused by unwanted plants such as weeds and other damages caused to the landPollution? air pollution can cause health problems? water pollution can harm the quality of water? land pollution damages the earth’s land? noise pollution harms out ears when they are exposed to loud noises  Overpopulation ? mortality rate has decreased? people are able to live longer ? as the population grows, more resources are consumed Landfills ? pollutes the environment through tremendous amounts of waste ? risk to people and environmentDeforestation ? clearing of trees for man made structures such as buildings ? causes of deforestation can include urbanization and growth in populationNatural causes ? causes that occur naturally that contribute to environmental degradation include:stormswildfiresearthquakestornadostsunamis avalanches ? have the ability to destroy an area of land? the effects of environmental degradation can include:Health of Humans? pollution can impact humans and cause problems such as asthma? has caused millions of deathsDecrease of Biodiversity ? needed to balance ecosystem ? can be caused by pollution and global warmingReduction of the Ozone Layer ? harmful gases are responsible for the ozone layer depletion ? this will cause the ozone layer to release radiation towards EarthDecrease in Tourism ? can impact those that depend on tourists for their means of support ? devastations such as decrease in greenery, decrease in biodiversity and pollution can impact the number of touristsImpact on the Economy ? can be very expensive to recover from environmental degradation ? for example, we would have to repair the greenery and clean up landfills 4. Dangers of Environmental Degradation in the 1980s in North America*why were the conditions from #2 dangerous-what were the impacts of them, what were the results of the conditions?5. What is Being Done to Prevent Environmental Degradation? * now and in the 1980s? 6. How is Environmental Degradation Incorporated in The Handmaid’s Tale?


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