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Building philosophy

02 May 2018

Socrates was a very smart Greek philosopher who devoted most of his life to philosophy. One of his most famous quote is”To know, is to know that you know nothing.” Socrates was a well-respected philosopher who taught new ideas until he was accused of corruption and sentenced to death. He had many, difficult paths to take during his unusual early life, many life accomplishments, and the events that led to his death.(brainyquote.com 1) (Who Is Socrates 3) (uxl Biographies 4)

First, Socrates had many difficult paths to take during hs unusual early life. He wa born in Athens Greece. There is not much said but he did become a famous philosopher. There are not many documents but it tells us that he grew up in a poor family. Socrates dad, Sophroniscus was a sculptor and his mother, phaenarete was a skilled midwife. There are no records showing any siblings(UXL Biographies 1) (Euthyphro,Apology,Crito,and phaedo 1).

Next, Socrates had many difficult paths to take during his unusual early life accomplishments. He is famous for being a greek philosopher. One of the founders of western philosophy. Another one is that he brought on the belief that the disposition of the soul is more important than the body or any material thing.(uxl Biography 2-3) (Who Is Socrates 2-3) (Discovering Biography 4).

Last, Socrates had many different difficult paths to take in the events that led to his death. It is believed that he drank the poison Hemlock in about 399 B.C. He had many followers that loved his teachings and lived by them. He brought on the practice of elenchus to test scholars. On the belief that human excellence consists in knowledge.(uxl Biography).

Altogether, Socrates was a famous philosopher who created many new teachings. He taught these ideas to his followers. He had two boys and was married once. He was put on death row and poisoned at the end of his life. Socrates had many difficult paths to take during his unusual early life, many life accomplishments in the events that led to his death.(Who Is Socrates 3) (uxl Biographies 4).

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