Having a father is crucially important

Having a father is crucially important, especially for a young boy growing up. A young boy needs that father figure in their lives to look up to them, and to know how to handle themselves especially in the hard stages of a boys life from transitioning from a boy to manhood. Although not always is a father necessary to be in their sons lives in order for them to stay on the right path in life. In the book “The Other Wes Moore” the two main characters who are both named Wes grew up without having a father in their lives. However the difference in their similar situation is that the author Wes Moore’s father didn’t choose to not be in his son’s life but physically couldn’t as he died while Wes was still very young. The other Wes Moore’s father however chose to not be in his son’s life and left him fatherless. While they both had similar situations their lives would increasingly differ as they got older. The author Wes would grow up to be fairly successful in life while on the other hand the other wes would end up in prison multiple times in his life. There are multiple factors as to why the other Wes ended up how he did, two of which go hand in hand. These two factors being Wes’ gender, transitioning from a boy to man, and his family support or lack thereof.
In the book, “The Other Wes Moore” there are multiple times where the other Wes will make a bad, or not the greatest decisions when deciding how to handle certain situations. For instance in the early bit of the story the other Wes gets himself in a situation where he gets punched in the face by a kid


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