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Have you ever wondered how to truly be happy? In the articles, “The Secret to Deeper Happiness Is Simpler Than You Might Think” by Ginny Graves and ” Happiness Is Other People” by Ruth Whippman, both writers share their different insights on the same topic, happiness. The former illustrated a more convincing article by using evidence with good credibility and a formal tone to phrase his argument.

The credibility of the article by Ginny is better as she provided examples from individuals that are highly educated and with knowledge that is related to the issue of the article. For example, Ginny sited Susan David, Ph.D a famous psychologist with proficient on happiness and achievement (http://www.susandavid.com/new-index/#about-the-book) . Susan also wrote a book on Emotional agility which enforces on the concept of happiness in daily lives (https://positivepsychologyprogram.com/emotional-agility-susan-david/) .Similarly, Ginny also cited Mallika Chopra, founder of intent.com which is a platform for people to share their goals, accomplish them and achieve happiness (https://intent.com/about/). The statement made by them will be more reliable as its backed by adequate knowledge on the issue. On the other hand, the article by Whippman fail to provide the same credibility. For example, Whippman cited an inspiration quote on his Facebook news feed. Credibility is low as the person that made the comment is not identified. Also, Whippman cited an email received from a self-help mailing list. These examples whippman cited were unprofessional and it holds little weight. Thus, Ginny’s article portrayed better credibility with the usage of reliable evidence. Other than the realiability of the credentials, the overall tone of the article is also a important factor to determine weather the article is convincing.

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Also, the tone of the Ginny’s article shows a purposeful and fair-minded tone compared to Whippman’s article which shows an emotional charged tone. “In persuasive writing in particular, tone should be purposeful and assertive, detached rather than impassioned. ” said Michael Stratford, a National Board- Certified and Single Subject Credentialed teacher with a Master of Science in educational rehabilitation. In Ginny’s article, we notice that

While in Whippman’s article, you will be able to feel that he is emotionally attached to the topic and you would be able to feel the isolation and frustration he is experiencing.


In Ginny’s article, it has a clear structure. The thesis is clear and the subsequently paragraphs are drafted to build on the theses. For example, 


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