Have companies visited to showcase their exhibits, prototypes and

Have you ever
tried imagining what our future would look like after about 10 years? The
very moment you are imagining about flying cars, some company is
already working on it. After the revolution of technology in the
first decade of the 21st century, the next level of futuristic technology
has commenced. The Consumer Electronics Show 2018 took place in Las Vegas
from 9th to 12th of January to show us exactly how our future would
look like. Nearly 4000 thousand companies visited to showcase their
exhibits, prototypes and ultramodern products to the world. 

The microprocessor
supplying giant, Intel is back in the marathon of the development of
quantum computing by revealing a 49- qubit superconducting quantum chip
that was successfully designed and fabricated. It aims to enable
‘quantum supremacy’ i.e. being more powerful than the classical computers
by many folds. This is yet another milestone in the research of quantum computing. 

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Robots are now coming close to
being in our homes and lives instead of just industries.

One particular fascinating innovation that was
shown in the field of robotics is a toy duck robot named ‘My special Aflac
duck’ by the companies Aflac and Sproutel whose purpose is to be an emotional
companion for the kids going through cancer treatment. Kids can literally play
with it, pat it, cuddle with it and the robot toy snuggles back or gives a
merry quack by sensing touches at the various parts of its body. It also has a
feature-packed accessory bag among which the most notable feature is that of an
IV set for kids that simulates the administrating of medication to the Duck so
that the kids will experience less fear from chemotherapy. The cherry on the top
is that kids can even bathe it by removing its fur shell! 

Artificial intelligence
certainly was the big talk about the event this year with its diversified
functionality. Self- driving, autonomous vehicles powered by AI inarguably
occupied the spotlight of the whole event and are going to be on streets in far
less time than you think. There were self-driving cars on roads in Las Vegas
being demonstrated successfully by the company Lyft in partnership with 
Aptiv. The passenger just had to provide the destination then sit back and
relax. Nvidia launched Xavier, a next-gen powerful SOC for self-driving cars.
It boasts 9 billion transistors, 512-core GPU, 8 cores CPU and can perform 30
trillion operations per second using just 30 watts power. Also, Amazon stepped up
its game with its personal assistant cum artificial intelligence ‘Alexa’
spreading its functionality to smart bathrooms, cars, speakers etc.

It’s now clear that technology and our imagination have
no limits. So, what’s next?



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