HARMFUL VIDEO GAMES The video games is invented by Ralph henry Baer


The video games is invented by Ralph henry Baer ( born Rudolf Heinrich Baer, march 8,1922-dec 6,2014) was a German-born America inventor, game developer, and engineer .
https://www.npr.org/sections/…/inventor-ralph-baer-the-father-of-video-games.Video games are electronic games which playing by the help of using device or tools displaying on screening. But, did you know that video games are more harmful for us? Video games are very famous all over the world. Even famous, many people suffer from video games addiction which is still going on. Nowadays, many people can create games by applying software because many software engineers are growth rapidly with new developing system with new generation and technology by applying great and unbelievable ideas and skills. Software helps the game developer easily. Video games are everywhere as we see our neighbor house or at our family member’s hands. Such as- cyber, gaming zone, computer, mac, PlayStation, videogame parlor laptop, mobile, iPhone, Xbox 360, small tools like-Gameboy, ps4/ps2 etc. Video games are popular and playing in the entire world which may have being aggressive, impact and effect. There are different types of games to play like casual games, serious games, educational games, etc.
Casual games is mini games which have drawn normal designing of graphics.it looks very pretty designing under the games part like angry birds,dirt-bike,minimilitia,power rangers,etc.it took low ram to setup and consume less memory bytes. By this games, many clients are much busy and play online games and also loss their important works.in casual games most of the people try to cheat the games for ongoing and for grow up games level.by these cheating habits, they have regularly charting behave between the family and other and also in games.
Serious games are one mind mapping games which keep totally focused towards the games automatically. Like-clash of clans, dotta, counter strike, delta force, gta vice city, sand and race, free fire etc. these are online game as well. Many people are seriously play and distracted as well. If the player starts the games they will never give up the games until the end. They have physical mental and have a frustrated if the other wins the games.

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Video games are not for child, not for young or not for old, it gets market to everyone by providing and developing great designing.so, everybody hangouts the mobile as playing a games as we also see on Nepal context. Videogames developers create multimedia system which is more easily to play friends on friends by online system or offline. Clients must take benefits to play by this system and they are more addicts able.
Video games are a technology of youth of generation and it takes entertaining in life. Playing video games are increasing day by day. Now, do video games entertaining whole life without any effects? But, Lea salonga’s quotes (“I play video games a lot… I love to read… I enjoy spending time with my husband and daughter, who are my most favorite people in the world.”)
(Read more at: https://www.brainyquote.com/topics/video_games).by this quotes we learn :video games is not for entertainment long live longer, it’s like a taking knowledge but also know that if we play a lot ,it’s may harm and addict in our daily life. Video games are just for fun entertainment which is play by using and moving parts of the body according to the game owner’s created. According to the researchers says “most of the many peoples which used video games in daily life, they are suffering from different types of diseases”. Video games players seems to be many effective symptoms such as- blindness, back pain, loss of energy, neck pain, hand pain ,long term health, etc. These symptoms cause by their own how to sitting when the video games play. They even know they effects on life but they are totally attracted by the games and they lose their thinking memory due to playing games.Many game creators develop many games which are unbelievable in life. They create very vast designing and developing architecture which are more entertaining for users. And also they create online games which they earn profit on online games through internet. These games are more harmful in life because many people are just entertainer but most of people take a betting in games to win or lose. If win , winner enjoy and more addicted on games to win but if lose, loser’s frustrated and lose their memory power and comes in weakness in health. Nowadays, everyone have computer, tools and device on hands. Technology helps to provide their clients more efficiently and easily to play the games, and it’s a new generation and 21 century as well. It changes day by day to satisfy and keep happy to their clients by creating many games and software.so; video games are harmful for us.


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