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Greek gods represented many things, and some came from many other religions surrounding Greece. However, they all had a job, and they all have many worshippers depending on everyone’s situation. If you were near death you might pray to Hades, if you were a blacksmith wishing to craft great armor or weapons, Hephaestus is your god. Theres a god for any problem, which is why they closely related to the nature of man. Each god has a job to make people’s problems go away, and to punish others. If the punishment is unfit then Zeus can keep that god in check, keeping order, being king of the gods, associated with lightning. After overthrowing his father Cronus, he took charge, and gave jobs to the current gods of that time, such as giving Poseidon rule over the sea, and Hades the underworld, giving order to the world, ending his fathers chaotic rule.Aphrodite represented the nature of attraction, fertility, and love. If you weren’t fertile, it was considered a punishment from Aphrodite for your sins. Greeks with a strong desire to meet a man or woman would pray to her. She’d most likely punish those who weren’t faithful, even though it was a fact that Aphrodite herself cheated on her husband multiple times, and had five children with Ares, the god of violence. “Aphrodite, the enchanting goddess of beauty and love, was married to the ugly, deformed god of fire, Hephaestus, Ares Brother. Ares and Aphrodite fell in love and had an affair.” A bit odd that these two would be in any love, the god of violence with the god of love, but opposites attract.Apollo had a wide range of representation, more than most gods. He dealt with light, arts, knowledge, medicine, plague, darkness, prophecy, and poetry. Being the god of so many subjects, including the sun, he was deemed one of the most important gods. Due to the gravity of his job, many people would obviously pray to him. Artists for improvement, doctors for help healing people, or even people in general to rid them of illness. While Apollo is god of the sun, his twin sister Artemis took up the moon along with the hunt, wilderness, animals, childbirth, young girls, and like her brother, plague. So these siblings each had a bit of control over illness, but besides that had a few unrelated jobs. Artemis would most likely be prayed to by hunters for either safety, or a nice bounty. Along with women having children, most likely in hopes of not dying due to the fact that childbirth wasn’t something everyone made it through back then. And finally by young girls, for the simple fact that she dealt with them. Ares being the god of war, violence, and bloodshed, would most likely be prayed to by warriors going into a battle. Not for safety, but for a great fight. If they wanted safety they would pray to Athena, goddess of wisdom and battle strategy, also Ares’s female counterpart. Even though they may deal closely with each other, they wouldn’t be the same. Athena gives a survivalist approach to battle, using wisdom to win. While Ares would use brute force and anger to overpower opponents. Probably why Athena had a city named after her. Farmers would without a doubt pray to Demeter, goddess of harvest, growth and nourishment. She alone controlled pretty much everyones food source. Which is why when she fell to grieving, a massive famine took place, making the world barren. “Demeter loved her little daughter, Persephone. They played together in the fields most every day. As Persephone smiled up at her mother, Demeter’s heart swelled with happiness, and the crops grew high and healthy. Flowers tumbled everywhere. As time passed, Persephone grew into a lovely goddess. That’s when the trouble started.”Hades took Persephone to the underworld with him, and forced her to marry him, holding her hostage until she gave in. Driving Demeter to mourn for the loss of her daughter, making the earth desolate. On a brighter note, there was even a god for partying. Dionysus dealt with wine, festivals, chaos, drugs, ecstasy, and drunkenness. So theres even a god for people who do nothing but party, and people who do drugs. Son of Zeus and a mortal Semele, he was half divine but still a god. There are many other stories about Dionysus, including one where he is son of Zeus and Persephone with the name Zagreus, and being devoured by the titans excluding his heart, then being born again. “Athena brought Zeus the heart. Zeus used it to impregnate Semele who then gestated Dionysus.”Then there’s the god which took Dionysus’s possible mother, Zeus and Demeter’s daughter Persephone. Hades, god in charge of the underworld and the dead, probably had the worst reputation. Which I don’t see why, he kidnapped Persephone and made her his wife, which was a tragedy in Greek mythology, but before that she was raped by Zeus, her father, and Demeter had to keep her hidden at all times. Hades was merely given the worst job out of the gods. Although it wasn’t all bad, the underworld also had the Elysian fields, pretty much heaven for the Greek religion. People praying to Hades wouldn’t be in great numbers, but people near death would most likely give a prayer or two. I also find the way Greeks portrayed hell in their religion very interesting. They even had a second heaven that was better than the original, called The Blessed Isle. To go there you had to have been reborn three times and been good enough to make it to the Elysian Fields each time.Along with Hades getting a crap job in the deal between the three brothers. Zeus got the sky, Hades the underworld, and Poseidon got all water. Being my favorite god, I believe he got the best part of the deal. He may be prayed to by fishermen, people who live near water, or pretty much anyone on the water for that matter. As others were given control over some water source, their power still couldn’t outdo Poseidon’s.”Although there were various rivers personified as gods, these would have been technically under Poseidon’s sway. Similarly, Nereus, the Old Man of the Sea, wasn’t really considered on a par with Poseidon, who was known to drive his chariot through the waves in unquestioned dominance.”Hephaestus, husband to Aphrodite, was the god of fire, metalworking, and crafts. He would be very important to people further back in time when blacksmiths would pray to him. He was the only god to have returned to Olympus after being exiled. In some cases Hephaestus was cast out for looking so terrible, others he was cast out by Zeus for defending his mother. Also on a fun note, “While Aphrodite and Ares lay together in bed, Hephaestus ensnared them in an unbreakable chain-link net so small as to be invisible and dragged them to Mount Olympus to shame them in front of the other gods for retribution.”5 Many gods showed up for a good laugh.Although the Greeks worshipped the gods who overthrew the Titans, they did believe the Titans were just older gods and were mostly children to Uranus, father sky, and Gaia, mother earth. There were mainly twelve powerful Titans. Some titans came as ancestory to the gods. Many of the more powerful gods came from Cronus and Rhea, Artemis and Apollo came from Leto and Athena from Metis. Iapetus, Titan of mortality, was the father of the Titan Prometheus. It was believed that Prometheus created humans, and stole fire to give to the humans. Making Zeus angry enough to punish him terribly with tying him to a mountain and letting an eagle eat his liver every day. Being immortal he never died, and his liver grew back every night. These types of punishments were common in the underworld, often given to the wicked Titans that were sent to Tartarus, the deepest part of the underworld. An example of this is Tantalus, who was put neck deep in water and under a low fruit tree for eternity, each time he tried taking a drink of the water it receded, and the fruit were always out of reach, just barely. “Sisyphus, condemned in Tartarus to an eternity of rolling a boulder uphill then watching it roll back down again. Sisyphus was founder and king of Corinth, or Ephyra as it was called in those days. He was notorious as the most cunning knave on earth. His greatest triumph came at the end of his life, when the god Hades came to claim him personally for the kingdom of the dead. Hades had brought along a pair of handcuffs, a comparative novelty, and Sisyphus expressed such an interest that Hades was persuaded to demonstrate their use – on himself.”Sisyphus was such a great trickster, he persuaded Hades to cuff himself, then locked him in his closet for a while so he could live longer, before letting Hades loose, told his wife not to bury him and then when he got to the underworld he was revived to be properly buried. He did none of that and just lived longer a second time. So once Hades finally had a hold on him, he sentenced him to Tartarus, where he rolled a giant boulder up a hill, each time to watch it roll back down after he succeeded. The Dianes try to fill a bath that would wash away their sins by filling jugs and carrying them to the bath, only to find they are leaking water. Rhadamanthus, Aeacus and Minos were all the judges of the dead. According to what you did they would decide which part of the underworld you went to, and they each did their own region, Asia, Europe, and Greek were all split amongst them.Greek religion was amazingly complex but for the most part made sense. The only problem with it is they had a few gods that were taken from other nations, and mixed a few stories with the original gods. It also gave anyone, no matter what your situation, a god to worship.


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