Good morning to one and all present here

Good morning to one and all present here . Respected  principal sir , vice principal ma’am , teachers and my dear friends . 
Today I would like to speak a few words about women empowerment or basically empowering the girl child . We know that in our Indian society empowerment of women is not up to the mark . It is time that we take measures towards this pathetic situation and rise as the best way to empower a nation by empowering the girl child . There is a saying dated back that educating a boy means to educate himself  , while educating a girl child is to educate the whole family . A women when educated does nto prove to be just an economically capable person but also a person who is the possessor of moral and social values . An empowered girl serves as a dutiful woman in the house . Empowering a girl child will make her meet the demands of the society as well as identify her own potentials . 
Thus we must come together hand in hand and raise our voices to empower the girl !

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