Global warming

Global warming: It’s too late to do anything?
Global warming is serious issue that the world is facing today. The rising temperature is one of the major effect of global warming. No living being is away from the effect of global warming. Glaciers are melting at the fast rate, sea level is rising, floods, earthquake, typhoon, storm, heat waves, cloud brust are some of the effects of global warming. people are using non-renewable resources recklessly for their own benefit. One of the major causes of global warming is deforestation.
people are cutting forests carelessly for setting factories, constructing roads, building, stadiums etc. People cut down forests in the name of development but they dont realise that it will affect us severely in the form of floods, storm and typhoon. Change in climate, heatwaves in Delhi, flood in Kerala, typhoon in Japan are some of the severe effects of global warming.
Its not too late to reduce the effect of global warming. We have to obey and follow the rules and regulations for conserving our flora and fauna. It is because of them that we breath eat and stay happily. We should take oath to conserve forests not only for animals but also for our sake.
Because they way we will treat nature, they will give us in return the way we treat them.


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