Furthermore, Air Asia may continue offering aggressive promotional campaigns. In order to promote these campaigns, Air Asia might select social media as their advertising tool. This is because social media has become an integral part of our life and society and the population use of social media are still upsurge continually. It has been viewed as an efficient and effective technique that allows companies to increase their recognition and awareness of the brand within the public. Based on the preview studies, organizations that involve social media in their business claim that they have an increase in their profit while other companies reveal that there is an increasing rate of their market exposure. Many airline companies have work with the social media platform and comprise it into their service channels and sales. For instance, KLM Dutch Airlines has collaborated with Facebook Messenger. With the help of Facebook, KLM Dutch Airlines’ customer are able to check in, gets updates of theirs flights, and amend their travel schedule via the apps.


Furthermore, some types of medias like video games could cause minors to become vigorous because of its brutal and disturbing video games. The effects of both violent and non-violent game playing can be determined by the amount of time playing the computer game and by the content of the games being played. Article two proves the point by saying, “Violent crimes within schools are on the rise.” The content of the games being played could definitely have a factor in how a child performs in school, and how aggressive they are towards peers and teachers. Obviously, if a child is playing hours upon hours of violent video games, this can lead to them acting uncontrollable. If a child took the time that they played video games a week and used that time to be engaged in reading, homework or even a creative activity, instead of playing violent games all day, there will definitely be a change. In the article “Teenagers and their Computers” it discusses that teenage boys enjoy violent games more than any other.


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