From second evaluation result shows ARIS has some restrictions

Table 8 result it’s now clear that ARIS Business IT Transformation
Suite (Software AG) and Software AG’s Signavio Business
Transformation Suite (Signavio) have the highest degree of
provision for BPMN 2.0 process modeling standard in terms of all above-defined
criteria for usability and further process improvement functionalities. Applied
second evaluation result shows ARIS has some restrictions in terms of
import/export functionality, user interface and stability for learning. The
reason behind such restrictions is because of their initial focus towards entity-relationship
modeling, diagrams decomposition, organization charts and later they focused
towards process modeling based on the concept of Event controlled process
chains (EPC) (Signavio). On the other hand, Signavio
has a much-simplified user interface and capability to import other vendors
supported file formats easily and to support many different formats like HTML, XML,
BPMN, DMN etc. With multilingual functionality, contents are possible to show
in a variety of supported languages. Separate modeling conventions notation
functionality allows any organization to create own templates for process
modeling. Process model versioning for release management and different variant
comparison gives organization well insight into process distinction. With well-supported
collaboration feature, users can easily share process models on the web-based
portal to get any comments and feedbacks on models. Like ARIS, Signavio also
has the capability to address integration possibility with SAP enterprise
tools. Signavio tool itself is very intuitive to learn from available documents
to get an overall understanding of the working environment.

conclusion, of course, Software AG’s ARIS has many capabilities on a larger
scale by introducing various advanced digital platform with respect to future
needs. However, to initiate from limited scope like process modeling and
improvement at the departmental level, Signavio shows the best candidature
towards intuitive working, organizations requirements and user satisfaction.

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