From (An Existing building in an Existing site) adding

From the
previous comparison, the projects can be classified into three categories:

1-      New building/s in New city
(Masdar Headquarters and Masdar Institute in masdar city);

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2-      New building/s in an existing
site (ZCB – The gate residence);

3-      An Existing building in an
Existing site (science &engineering building1 and classroom &office
building2 in university of California)

     The first case (New
building/s in New city) is the best case for applying triple zero target because
the triple Zero design aspects are considered from the beginning (Design
process) and all environmental strategies, carbon and waste management, and
renewable energy generation sources especially the large scale systems choices
are allowable depending on the buildings and site’s  potential.

     In the second case (New
building/s in an existing site), all Energy Efficiency strategies choices at
the building level are also allowable from the beginning (Design process). The
building energy needs can be met by using the renewable technologies that are
available within building footprint and the site or purchasing energy from off-site
renewable energy sources. For carbon and waste management, the building/s can
achieve the design target by well choosing all building’s materials.

       For the third case (An Existing building in an Existing
site) adding environmental strategy or renewable technology to the building or
building footprint is quite limited because TZA aspects are not considered from
the beginning of the design process and each building’s site has determinants
that may obstruct using the renewable energy technologies. But upgrading an
existing building to a triple zero is still possible. As shown in the UC
buildings, the triple zero target is achieved  by adding shading devices, maximizing the
daylight harvesting and natural ventilation, Switching to energy-efficient
lighting, using efficient glazing types, Installing BMS…Etc. for energy
conservation then using the appropriate available on-site generation technology
to cover up for the rest.


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