Friendship plays an important role in everyone’s life

Friendship plays an important role in everyone’s life, friends are the ones who we would spend our precious time by sharing our happiness and sorrows, besides our siblings and parents. Therefore, making new friend can be a hard thing to do when there is lack of communication with one and another. Since human being are social creatures, making friendship is a part and puzzle of life. It takes a tactful communication skill to make friends in order not to offend another party. This is because, there are people with different walk of culture, language and living standard that we need to understand to build up a mutual understanding in a friendship, which will not be offending to each other in this century that we are living in. It could be a face to face interaction or through online platforms. There are many similarities and differences between making friends through face to face interactions and through online platforms.

To begin with, making face to face interaction with your friends directly in person makes us to understand their emotions, feelings and their body language more deeply. This is because we are directly interacting with them not only verbally but also visually hence, makes us to understand what they are trying to say way better and clear. In addition to that, interacting with your friends through online platforms does works the same. In this case, people can interact with their friends by using the social media such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and many other social media platforms which can be used to express their feelings and emotions through emoji which is also known as emoticons. Social media has improves so much these days, where video conferencing apps such as Skype, Hangouts and Duo can be used to interact with our friends who are not only near to us but also those who are staying far can be viewed and interacted with.
Besides that, if you are an introvert who is always shy and your social ability skills are not that strong because you always feel socially awkward most of the time, online platform works the best for you. You can use this chance to communicate by chatting or texting with a friend who you would like to communicate with. In other words, by using the online platform to communicate with others we can not only make new friends but we can also feel comfortable using it because we are not necessarily seeing them in person while communicating. On the other hand, by interacting face to face we can build up our social abilities and speaking skills. This also means interacting in this way helps us to build up our confidence level and to mingle with different people that have different backgrounds.

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Lastly, interacting face to face is much more safe, because we normally know the person and their character much better thus, we have spent our time with them before, so we can trust them. Besides that, making new friends through online platform is not that save because we can’t identify either the personality we are dealing with is genuine or not genuine.

In conclusion, making friendship either way should be beneficial to any individual, it can be either face to face or through online platform which should be used save and a proper interaction overall.


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