Formal teachers. Systems of these academies have also been

Formal education has become more and more popular in recent times. However, this sudden interest in schooling has resulted in some issues. New systems like private versus public schools and Americanization have been developed to help combat some of these issues. The most popular form of education is found in public schools. There is no fee for white people to attend these schools. Although they are separated by age and grade level, the classrooms consist of a mixture of both boys and girls. Public schools are in large buildings and have a large quantity of students and teachers. Systems of these academies have also been developed. Due to a growth of population in interest of learning, these school systems have had to expand to include more schools. Private schools are almost the opposite. They are usually held in a house or small building and utilize regular rooms as classrooms. Most private schools enroll only one gender or keep them separate to avoid potential distractions and complications. However, unlike public schools these schools cost money. As a result they are only occupied with children from rich families.Many immigrants come to America in hopes of finding a way to get their child a strong education so that they can have a successful future. Unfortunately, there just isn’t enough room in public schools to include them. Having such a large difference in culture also complicates the relationship between the teacher and the foreign student. To combat this issue, urban school systems have created programs to help teach immigrants the English language. These courses also help children of foreigners to learn American political and civic values as well as the customs and social norms that may have not been present in their previous country of residence.Education is on the rise in America. More and more people have decided to leave farm life behind and travel to the city in search of new forms of work. In order to prepare themselves for more intellectually-based jobs, more and more children are going to school in order to prepare for the future in an ever-advancing world.


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