First to find out the attraction place in Sarawak

First of all, we analyze the problem identification to identifying
a very clearly defined and specific problem is the first critical step to
successfully implementing the problem-solving process. Identification should be
based on empirical observations, such as data and information obtained from
surveys, interviews and studies from a wide range of sources. Based on our
research, UNIMAS’s students were not familiar with Sarawak’s
route and we found that it is very difficult to find a suitable place for
travelling within the state as they are not familiar with Sarawak yet. So they
need a solution to solve this problem which is not familiar with Sarawak’s
route with the purpose of how to find out the attraction place in Sarawak
within their budget.  After
that, we are generating creative ideas and solutions through intensive and
freewheeling group discussion which called brainstorming.  The analysis, discussion, and criticism of
the aired ideas is allowed only when the brainstorming session is over and
evaluation session begins. One of our group member suggested an application
named Trip Advisor as an existing solution for this project. This is because students
often need an accurate guide whenever they arrive unfamiliar place to travel
and Trip Advisor is a good choice to help students solve their problem.  Trip Advisor can arrange a number of bookings
for students in various aspects such as hotel reservations, recommended places,
restaurant reservations and flight reservations. This is a very convenience application
for students to find out the attraction place in Sarawak within their budget.             Besides
that, information gathering is one of the step to complete this project. It is
also an important part to complete the project because we cannot get the actual
data and reference that we need without any information. We can gather
information such as interviews, questionnaires and study of existing documents or
readings by using search engine like google, yahoo and bing. So we researched
our needs and found the relevant and reliable information through the methods
mentioned above so that we can get more information to complete the project



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