Figure when compared to the other part/districts of the

Figure 2: Percentage of Under-weight
and malnourish in Children in Raichur


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status is the indicator which reflects the health of individuals. Morbidity can
be of two types chronic or of short duration nature. Chronic diseases, are diseases
which lead to permanent disability and often death, in simple words cannot be
easily controlled and cured 9. On the hand the short-term illnesses causes are
identifiable and hence are preventable. Due to changes in weather and other
conditions these diseases break out. Hence, these outbreaks are anticipated by
the system and can be effectively controlled.


In 2011-12, a
more than 2 per cent of Raichur’s population was reported to have affected by
communicable diseases. Raichur districts was reported with higher cases of
communicable diseases which is 2.9 per cent of its population 9.

district records the highest values for CMR, IMR and 255. In 2011-12, for every
1000 live births, 71 infants died within one year of their birth; and 79
children died before they completed five years 9. These death rates are very
high when compared to the other part/districts of the state. This represent the
state present with respect to child health in the district, seeing this it’s clear
that a lot needs to be achieved to solve this. There is huge need for PHC in Raichur district, additional
health personnel need to be deployed and additional bed strength needs to be
created in Raichur, these initiatives will improve health infrastructure 24Infant Mortality
Rates and Maternal Mortality Rates (IMR and MMR)

Indian UNDP
methodology uses life expectancy at birth (LEB) to determine the health status
of individuals. However, it is hard to estimate LEB at micro levels. Hence,
mortality rates are used for the purpose in this report. Child, infant and
maternal mortality rates (CMR, IMR and MMR) are used. These are used as
indicators to measure the level of health in a country/region. These rates reflect
the level of availability of health care facilities in the region. The CMR, IMR
and MMR rates are stated below in district level Health Management Information
Systems (HMIS).

The health personnel availability is very scarce, as not
even one doctor and not even one nurse is available per 1000 people in Raichur from
the data released by Raichur government 24. There is one bed for each 441
people in Raichur and only one ambulance for every 1,28,587 people, which are extremely
inadequate 24. Hence, there is a shortage of hospitals, personnel and other
facilities to cater the health care needs of people in and around Raichur.


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