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Every day we are seeing a lot of accidents happening around the world.In 2015 Tamilnadu records the highest percentage of people those who met with traffic accident injuries. An effective way for reducing these traffic fatalities is to first develop automatic traffic accident detection system and second is reducing the time when first emergency responders reached that place.Recently in BMW, we have built-in vehicle automatic accident detection and notification system. While these could be a better approach and may work fine but they are very much expensive, complexity in maintenance and are not available for all the vehicles. Nowadays we can detect traffic accidents using smart-phones and that ability has only recently become possible because of the advanced technologies like sensors deployed in our smartphone and its processing power.In our proposed work we use the smartphone for accident detection. The whole system relies on the G-Force value(extracted from smartphone accelerometer sensor)to detect an accident in offline mode. To realize the fall detection technique, the waveform sequence of the tri-axial accelerometer(X, Y&Z Axis) on the smartphone is used as the system inputs. The acquired signals are then compared with our threshold G-Force value so that it can fetch the GPS location. The proposed system consists of two phases; the detection phase which is used to detect an accident and the notification phase which is used to send detailed information such as accident location longitude, latitude and an emergency message to the emergency responders(emergency contacts that were set earlier) when an accident happens. This will be useful for the fast recovery as the person who received those help notification can immediately call the nearby hospital and can request for emergency service. The message(SMS) is generated based on phone tower signal and if the phone is switched off in any case then the last updated location will be sent. Here we use the GSM is the technology to send the message and the location via SMS.


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