Even their education and educational experiences. Gender inequality has

Even though the United States of America is all
about how everyone is equal, the land where opportunities are made, where the
pursuit of happiness and success are the number one goal of life here in
America, there are plenty of events, research and proof that women in general
do not get an equal value of education and their educational experiences
compared to males and their education and educational experiences. Gender
inequality has been such an unfortunate and social issue since the dawn of
civilization. It all relates to feminism, the historical aspects in regards to
the education of females and the research on the issue of sexism in the
classrooms. There are plenty of studies that show the inequality of education
and sexism, especially in the middle and high school levels and it is not just
something of the past but of an issue that continues to this day. Teachers must
connect the curriculum to social diversity and connect those to the lessons to
avoid as much as possible any stereotypes, biases or discrimination based on
gender inequality in the school environment. What are the issues of sexism in
the school and how does it have an effect on the education of students? Issues
of sexism may include differences on involvement in school activities, their
treatments in the classroom by teachers and faculty and the dramatic problem
about dress codes and school sports. All these experiences may have physical
and mental consequences in such a negative aspect.

    In a
country such as the United States, it is the case that females are not prepared
to confront issues of society once they have completed their education whether
in high school or college. Females have a higher chance of considering or
actually dropping out of school with a lower esteem of themselves than their
male counterparts and to not be successful in society. (()) There are many research studies that confirm the educational
experiences of females while growing up in the school environment. (()) It is important to note that
teachers cannot feel like they are the cause of these issues. Sure some may
unfortunately play a part but they are not the real origin regarding this.
There are many different environmental causes and factors that have contributed
to the issue of sexism in the classroom. However, it is also important to note
that the school environment has a huge responsibility to change the way they teach
their students and find ways where the educational experiences of students are
much better. (()) This issue of
inequality and this issue of sexism must be confronted as a whole. Even though
our Founding Fathers declared equality for all, not everyone gets to experience
that equality. What makes it very unfortunate is that women are excluded from
making the better of themselves because they are in this norm of only being in
the home doing the cooking, cleaning and taking care of the kids. The social norms
and the school environment have played parts in excluding women from taking
classes that will benefit them in the long run in terms of a successful life
and a good sense of self. Starting with the society that we live in which
definitely includes the school component of it have built up the biases and
false images of women who comprise of 47 percent in the labor field. (()) Research as shown that women and
men have a 20 percent wage gap. (()) Going
back to the school, females have historically have not been getting equal
education, especially in subjects such as math or science (()). The school must definitely change the course of its
standards, curriculum, lessons and the objectives that come with the lessons
free of any gender inequality.     

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   It has come
to the point that women were have had enough of the norm of society when it
came to the traditional house hold way. They had the hope of looking up to
education as a way of getting out from that cycle and having a productive
lifestyle but education has made no promises. They are a misbalance between
genders in education which should not even happen because it is an environment
where people learn and grow. Title IX was amended in 1972 that focuses on
preventing gender discrimination. It states that “No person in the United
States shall, on the basis of sex, be excluded from participation in, be denied
the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any education program
or activity receiving Federal financial assistance.” (()) Despite of this profound legislation, there are plenty of
studies that prove male students get as much attention from their instructors
eight times more than their female counterparts. (()) This is one of the biggest examples in the issue of sexism in
the school environment which negatively influences female students. The way the
curriculum is setup, the test results, how much students are confident in their
educational settings and teachers all become part of the inconsistent between
males and females in education. (()) Teachers
must confront and change the way the school environment and teachings are
because female students ‘confidence drops as they move on to higher grades. (()) It has been noted that women overall
who have less than 8 years of schooling have earned about 70 percent of the
salary compared to their male counterparts who have been educated in the same
way and environment. Also, women still do not earn enough compared to their
male counterparts who have been educated in the same way even though they may
have a Master’s degree. (()) This
just goes to show it is highly recommended that women take as many chances as
possible in their education and not taking their learning for granted in order
to be successful when applying to their careers and during their careers.

     Sexism in the classroom environment has been
an issue for such a long time and through “consciousness-raising groups, women
collectively uncovered and deconstructed the ways that the system of patriarchy
is reproduced inside women’s consciousness as well as in external social
institutions, and challenged conventional assumptions about human nature,
sexuality, family life and gender roles and relations.”((p.25)) They also “developed a process for naming how members of
targeted groups can collude in maintaining an unequal system, identifying the
psychological as well as social factors that contribute to internalizing
oppressive beliefs and exploring how to raise consciousness to resists and
challenge such systems both inside our own consciousness and externally in the
world” and to create “more liberated ways of thinking and behaving.” ((p.25)) Women not getting enough
education in the subjects of math or science and not getting payed as much as
men after their educational experiences are not the only issues related to
sexism that has gone on. Dress Codes have been another factor that is part of
the issue of sexism. The has been a number of cases where girls are getting in
trouble by wearing certain types of clothing and told to change the clothes
they are wearing or go home for the day. One such example is a student in
middle school named Catherine who was told to change her yoga pants because it
will be such a huge distraction to the boys, violated the school dress code and
ends up wearing boy’s gym pants to class. Another girl was given an in-school
suspension for wearing shorts on a very hot day and even though the boys wear
shorts that are shorter, they do not get into trouble. (()) It just goes to show that the systems of oppression are treated “as normal through
interactions with parents, peers, teachers and other influential individuals in
our lives as they, intentionally or unintelligently, pass on to us their
beliefs about oppressor and oppressed groups.” ((p.28)) There has been a lot of research on sexism and
heterosexism that focuses on public high schools in the United States that
label inappropriate expressions relating to gender as breaking the rules. In
California, a 15 year old male student named Lawrence King was constantly in trouble
for wearing clothing that is considered to be female clothing along with
jewelry and makeup. King was also the victim of bullying due to homophobic
reasons. The Boys are perceived to be problematic when it comes to exploring
their sexuality such as cross-dressing. There have also been cases where those
who are LGBTQ students, different ethnicity and religions are being harassed. It has been noted that “Supporting
dominant forms of gendered, racialized, and sexualized masculinities
(heterosexual masculinities, middle class masculinities) and erasing
subordinated masculinities (gay, working class, or urban underclass) whether
this is through dress codes, hair styles, speech, or other social practices
simply does not recognize that there are many acceptable ways to be a
man.”  (()) The school setting relating to transgender oppression, there
are possible legislations that would target transgender students using the
bathroom. It required students to follow the gender norms when using public
restrooms or facilities. For example, boys who identify as girls will still
have to use the boy’s bathroom and those who are girls but identify as boys
will still have to use the girl’s bathroom. (()) Let us not forget about the racism component of sexism. In
Massachusetts, two students who happen to be sisters have felt discriminated
over a rule that targets the color of their skin. They supposedly violated
their school dress code policy because they wanted to wear their braids not
only protects their original hair but also to connect with their cultures. They
have been forbidden from attending their after school activities and even prom.
(()) Not only are there gender
inequalities in the classroom itself, but it extends into school sports. It has
been noted that about 30 percent of public schools have a large difference when
it comes to gender to get into sports teams at the school. Many reasons have
been conducted regarding why women are not allowed to play in some sports have
been because some sports are just meant to be male-dominated because of their
physical sizes and setting “softer” sports for women. Public Schools in the
United Sates are not required to give data on the amount of male and females
play in the teams at its schools. The National Women’s Law Center is making a
role for the federal government to require public schools to give data on that
information. (())

    Even though there have
been improvement and opportunities regarding female education, their experiences
in schools and how they are treated, the schools still has some work to do
because it is still a male-dominated system. Biases still exist to females who
are being educated. Studies have shown that if there is equal treatment of
students from K-12 and even beyond in the university, it will most likely get
students to increase their confidence when the time comes to finding their
dreams job and/or careers. (()) Many
researchers have study results that show sexism in the schools regarding sexist
teachings or curriculums that have not gone away. It has become the norm in
society whether it is aware or unaware. 
This negatively has an effect on the experiences of women’s education
when it comes to confidence level, treatment, objectives, preparation for the
job opportunities and learning skills even despite Title IX. (()) Communication, gender stereotypes,
not mentioning any women achievement, male-dominated ideas and contributions,
the mentioning of an ideal life of Americans in regards to household, jobs or
families and distorting some of the successes that women have made are some of
the gender biases in the educational setting. (()) For language and communication, textbooks or stories read in
the class may have a plot that has to do with males doing the actions while the
women just follow directions or go with the floe and this in turn can change
perspectives on the way students look at what it means to succeed in the world.
Stereotypes in schools can have an effect on how students perceive each gender regarding
values and worth plus little opportunities in career seeking for female studies
if they are stuck in the same norm of being traditional. Going back to stories
read in class and textbooks, women are not fully recognized as being part of
the huge changes that have occurred throughout history which gets students to
perceive that success only comes to men and not women. It is important that
teachers make sure they teach lessons, use textbooks or read stories that get
rid of typical gender roles which include biases and stereotypes. Even there
are cases where women have been mentioned to the side such as footnotes. (()) Gender discrimination can affect
female students psychologically, change their hopes for the future, deal with
the inequality of rewards in the school such as certificates or grants for
college, and a decrease in confidence academically. (())

Inequalities in gender are a reality in the school environment. When
such inequalities, stereotypes, biases and discrimination exist, it is
considered a failure to the future of society. So many talents and gifts are
being wasted. Not changing this issue of sexism in the classroom means that
there is a huge chunk of the student population not being educated at the best
to be the best they can be for themselves, their experiences, their future careers
and for society. Teacher have a big responsibility in their classrooms when it
comes to the learning experiences of these students. For teachers and school
faculty to come together and make a difference in what and how they are
teaching can not only strive closer and closer to gender equality but it will
have such a positive effect on these students’ educational lives and a brighter


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