Ethics in Hospitality Management To begin with

Ethics in Hospitality Management

To begin with, how do ethics play a role in your life? Firstly, according to Cambridge Dictionary, “The study of what is morally right and what is not” (n.p, 2018), is defined as ethics.

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To follow the angel or demon in your heart, that’s a choice. The choice of yours will influence your action and consequences. In my point of view, trust needs a lot time to build and it can be broken in seconds. Before taking in any respect, we should pay respect first, as others will treat you like you treated them. Business can be bribed but loyalty must be earned. Loyalty customers comes from your service, hence service means everything in hospitality field. In addition, employer should be accountability, which means to take in consideration for their employees. In order to build the reputation in the industry, people in the business should be having good conduct. A leader should have the ability to lead his team as well as listen to their opinion, which is being fair to everyone without discrimination. Remember, “do not exchange your dignity for your popularity”, by Steve.

As hospitality industry is the fastest growing industry in the world, hence it would be more competitive in this field. Ethics is very essential in hospitality industry, as this will reflects to the customer’s satisfaction. For instance, if a customer has a bad experience, they will spread the word to all the people they know. As a result, reputation of the business will be affected and this will result customer loss. However, if the guest has a bad experience but with problem solved, they will share their experience to others. In this situation, the customer will have a different experience and this will increase our reputation too.

Have you regret any decisions you made? If the answer is yes, how will you do it differently next time? For example, if I am doing my internship and I saw my supervisor stealing should I report to my manager or not? Of course, most of us will say that obviously, we will have to report, as we see the supervisor doing the wrong thing. However, people will say nothing too, as they don’t want to get involved.

The consequences of unethical actions will ruin the reputation of the industry and will have to manage a massive cost. Low ethical practices in all the industry will impact the employee turnover. This will results higher stress for the employee to work in and decreases the trust between each other. Hence, the employee turnover will increase.

Have you heard of Hotel Asti Albergo Etico in Italy? It has already been opened for about 3 years and the members in this hotel mostly have Down syndrome. If you don’t know what Down syndrome is, it will affect them by not having the ability to learn fast, development of speech and others. The hotel was established as one of the collaborators has this type of condition too. Others were helping him to get a job in the hospitality industry; as a result he would like to help the ones that have this type of condition too. With the room of 20 and a restaurant for 50 people, running by 10 Down syndrome and 5 other people. With the program of his, which is to train people for 3 years in the practical practices. This will result people affected by Down syndrome to live an easier life with lesser problems as well as having a chance for them to work. In my opinion, I think this is the perfect sample for ethics in real life, as not all the business will think about others with special conditions. In addition, they would like to start up their business in different countries for people who have different conditions such as autism.

In short, if the customer satisfaction is low, they will not stay but also spread the words to the people that they know too. Not only in hospitality industry, however by being ourselves, we should take responsibilities of what we are doing, as this will affect our reputation as well as to be able to accept the consequences after the action. I would like to share one quote and I hope all the people would understand and hope that they wouldn’t do it for greed. According to Issac, “Never let your sense of morals prevent you from doing what is right.”


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