Energy drinks are drinks that claim to amplify energy and mental performance

Energy drinks are drinks that claim to amplify energy and mental performance. Energy drink contains high level of stimulant ingredient such caffeine as well as sugar and often supplements such as taurine, vitamins, carnitine and bitter orange. The first ever energy drink was created by a soft drink company named Pepsi. Later, the energy drinks were introduced in United Kingdom in 1929 as a hospital drink for ” aiding the recovery “. Then, the original energy drink known as Red Bull was introduced by Dietrich Mateschitz, an Australian entrepreneur which became dominant brand in America after its introduction in 1997. Recently, various brands of energy drink were introduced such as Monster, M7 and Rockstar. These energy drinks are mainly targeted for teenagers and people who are working overnight. Based on statistic research by webpage, more than 29 billion gallons of energy drink is consumed by Americans every year. Majority people are unaware about the long term effects of energy drink. In my opinion, energy drinks should be banned.
Energy drinks ought to be banned due to the fact it will lead to serious health problems. Most of the energy drinks contain 1600mg of sugar in it, which is equal to one in a half to two bags of sugar. As we are aware of, high amount of sugar in energy drinks and letting people consume them will lead to diabetes. An abundance of excess sugar can also purpose our liver to turn out to be resistant to insulin, a vital hormone that helps convert sugar into energy in our bloodstream. This mean our body is unable to control our blood sugar levels and eventually lead to diabetes. Based on research done by graduate student, Heidi Virtanen from University of Calgary, Canada, consumption of caffeine containing energy drinks results in a 20-30% increase in insulin and glucose levels. Since caffeine endure in our body for four-six hours after consumption, sustain insulin resistance related with regular caffeine-containing energy drink consumption in teenagers could contribute to increased metabolic risk including diabetes and cardiovascular disease.
In addition, energy drinks should be banned because it affect students’ performance in studies. Most of teens and college kids buy energy drinks to stay awake when they are studying because it give them a boost. Apart from when the effects of the drink subside, they feel more worn out than they already were. This may affect their performance during study hours and eventually affect their grades in their examination. The main reason behind these are because of excessive amount of caffeine in energy drinks which are 280mg. High amount of caffeine can affect your heart rate and blood pressure. Based on an article named “Healthline”, high amount of caffeine will increase blood pressure due to its stimulatory effects on the nervous system. High rise of blood pressure will lead to heart attack and stroke because it damages the arteries over time, limiting the blood flow to your heart and brain. Based on a true event, a woman took high amount of caffeine dosage which lead her to kidney failure and other serious health conditions.


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