During my senior year of High School

During my senior year of High School, I started volunteering at Tristar Hendersonville Medical Center (THMC), I didn’t know what to expect in such a new and broad field. Just like other hospitals, THMC also have a public goal is to improve the well-being of an individual and to improve treatments of health conditions. This goal was becoming clear to me as I observed the practice and saw how much care was put into each patient visit. Also, on one of my work days as I was arranging waiting room, I came across THMC’s pamphlet. On the front page it reads, “…mission and goal continue to be to provide quality, individualized patient care to the communities we serve” (THMC, 2018). Intercommunication is the next characteristic on Swales list of discourse community qualification. Communication is one of the major things inside of any health-care environment, not just Tristar Hendersonville Medical Center. Doctors, nurses, technicians, receptionist and head of health care officials use many different forms of communicating in the environment. The most efficient is emails. Each employee was assigned their own special email and we were expected to check it daily. The email included work schedule for months to come and gave recent updates on new information, since the health care field is constantly changing.


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