Dr. Bhofal Chambers, Maryland County District #2 Representative, was elected Speaker of the House of Representatives of the 54th Legislature yesterday and proceeded to say that the institution he now leads must be “rebranded” and that friendship will not be his priority.

His tenure is expected to run from January 15, 2018 to January 15, 2024.

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The Maryland County lawmaker replaced former Speaker James Emmanuel Nuquay of the 53rd Legislature, whose tenure expired Monday, January 15.
The House Speaker bragged that as speaker he would do what is required of the House of Representatives based on the terms of reference, and that he expects cooperation from all of his colleagues in their operations of lawmaking, oversight, and representation.

The House Speaker promised to reform the House of Representatives and declared, “I will like to let you know that you will not be disappointed. This House will be rebranded. Your hopes will not be withered. We will build your prospects.”

Chambers indicated that reconciliation will be the hallmark of his leadership noting, “We think that in unity, Liberia can be safe, Liberia can be just, stable, prosperous, and so this responsibility lies on our shoulders.”


Dr. Montessori identified the qualities of the ‘Mathematical Mind’ as the power to organize, classify and quantify the experiences in one’s life. Mathematics is not only addition and subtraction, but is rather everything that a child encounters in his daily life. We can say that a baby is naturally hardwired to learn math and if mathematical learning is not part of the child’s early experience, the numerical part of the mind goes undeveloped and learning math becomes much more difficult. It is quite a common misconception that children under the age of four or five years old do not have the cognitive ability to learn early mathematical concepts, but in reality, the ‘mathematical mind’ of a child, the core foundation of human intelligence, should be stimulated and developed as early as it may be possible.
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