Do Grades Measure Intelligence

Do Grades Measure Intelligence?

The teacher stood in front of class claiming, “There was a load of you who did great. ” The teacher calls you up and states that you need to improve your skills because you didn’t do so well on the mathematics test. But did that test really measure how smart you are in math? Debate has been that grades don’t actually reflect a student’s intelligence. Some think that transcripts do measure how smart how are. Furthermore, it is evident that tests do not measure a child’s most important strengths because they only show the student’s motivation.

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One factor that grades are not good measurements of a student’s intelligence is motivation. Motivation is a key element in learning. An article by Ashley Sutherland states that “A transcript only shows a student’s motivation, dedication and work ethic?—?not their?personality, humor, work?or life experiences.” This proves that students are motivated, they will hopefully progress throughout the year, and that intelligence comes in many forms. As you can see, the key component for learning is motivation.

Different strengths and weaknesses also play a part in test results. One student may be intelligent in mathematics but not science and vice versa for other students. An article by Suzanne Brier states that “Everyone has varying strengths and weaknesses,” this evidence shows is that if someone fails to succeed in one subject, many will look at them as being not so much intelligent. Furthermore, a lot of students have strengths and weaknesses, but some just memorize the material that teachers give them. This is what tests measure.

Conversely, memorization may increase test scores even though nothing has been learned. This would be a false indication of intelligence. Therefore, just because certain facts are being memorized doesn’t mean it is being learned. M. Farouk Radwan had a great opinion on this topic with her article titled, “Five Reasons Grades Don’t Reflect Intelligence” She stated “Some questions depend greatly on memory” This proves that you would have higher grades if you had a great memory. These three reasons point fingers at the fact that tests don’t measure it stings actual intelligence.

While excellent grades are important in every student should strive for them, they do not really show how smart you are. Students should worry less and care more about gaining actual knowledge. Additionally, some people might say that grades reflect ability and intelligence in a particular subject if the student puts out effort, but grades determine effort and basic understanding. Furthermore, effort determines grades.

In conclusion, students have bad days, good days, and sick days to obtain inaccurate representations of their intelligence. For instance, motivation is very important in school and college. Secondly, students have different strengths that include topics out of school. Lastly, having a great memory could help you, but you won’t necessarily learn. “Everyone is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.” ~Albert Einstein


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