Discriminatory practice and its effects on various service users When any service user or anyone is being discriminated this is will most likely lead to many problems such as the person can be marginalization

Discriminatory practice and its effects on various service users
When any service user or anyone is being discriminated this is will most likely lead to many problems such as the person can be marginalization, having low self esteem, disempowerment, restricted opportunities and more.

Marginalization: is a process of the individual or at times even the whole communities that can be denied to various rights, someone who is being marginalized is being excluded from participating and belonging which means they are not being involved in anything. For example a Muslim person working in a Christian company, because it is a Christian company they will be celebrating Christmas but not Eid it’s not disrespecting the religion or not respecting you. Social omission is based on a individuals education status, social class, living standards, family status, cognitive ability, gender, race, homelessness, disability which can discriminate anyone living in that state even elderly, young people, adults.

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For example in an Indian society there are people who are put into casts which are known as high cast, middle cast and lower cast normally people who has lower cast are no allowed to socialise with the high cast people as they think they cannot meet their standards. they can feel low self esteemed and they may feel that they do not fit in, isolated from celebrations will make them feel not waned and not involved this can make them feel upset and may lead to depression they may lose the right to be an individual and be discriminated.

For a disabled person they should treat them right and equal but not less favourably related to their impairment. Not involving them in certain activities will lower their self esteem and lower their confidence in the surrounding they may lead to having stress or a mental breakdown this can affect them as they would have no motivation to help themselves. Their health status should be kept on watch as they are vulnerable adults they could end up in death if they are not given the right treatment they may also feel disempowered.

Due to being over aged the carer not giving the service user proper treatment just because the individual is getting older and is likely to pass away this is being loss of self identity as they do not care for you anymore, the service user can go through a mental breakdown may feel unimportant weak, abuse, and most importantly neglected.

Stereotyping still happens in today’s world and especially in health care setting as the service user can be stereotyped by saying they have lack of ability in speaking or learning something or being disabled makes them do nothing which can lower their self esteem may also blame themselves for wrong, may go through anxiety issues. A care taker could tell its client (service user) that they have poor effort in their progress can make them feel less self worthy of themselves. Another example could the loss of rights, this is because one individual could be stereotyped and discriminated against because they’ve had drug and alcohol problems which may cause the family stress and if there are young children living within them, then it can be a result of losing parental rights and responsibility which the child is taken by the law this can effect the service user emotionally as they may feel powerless, disempowered and also hurt.

Another discriminatory practice is labelling which affect any individual straight away it could affect them the way you treat them the way you behave negatively with them making them feel devalued and also causing some people harm for example calling people out names labelling them can effect them and go through mental distress as your giving them negative appearance.

Covert discrimination is the hidden use or discrimination this can lead health and social care professionals to treat someone differently from someone else some may not get the same treatment as other or the same level as others which could jeopardise their health and wellbeing. the effects on the service user can lead to unimportant may also cause depression and may become upset if they see other service users getting treated well and are happy, it can also lead to another health issue.

A final example of discriminatory practice is in a hospital where a person is discriminated against because of they have been involved in drugs and smoking, the doctor refuses to give sufficient treatment since they have stereotyped the person and thought that they don’t care about their wellbeing or family status


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