DEPARTMENT OF COMPUTER SCIENCE Final Year Project Proposal Title

Final Year Project Proposal
Driving Recorder
Group Members:
Mashood hadi (Bcs-12-22)
Salman Khan (Bcs-12-50)
NoumanShoukat (Bcs-12-24)
Overview of the problem to be solved (Problem Statement):
1In today’s populated world the rate of road accidents has increased. Comparing to the last decade Global Health Observatory (GHO) reported that approximately 1.24 million deaths occurred on the world roads in 2010. In 2010 50% of deaths on the world roads occurred among vulnerable road uses. So for from the survey of GHO, we observe that the half of the road accidents occurred due to irresponsible .reckless drivers.

Many road authorities are working on different aspects of this huge issue. We observe an issue that due to unsafe and irresponsible driving, the safe drivers is involve parallel with these reckless drivers. The safe driversstucked with the reckless drivers.

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So our solution to this problem can be solve by making a mobile app which protect the safe drivers from wrong blame on him.

Proposed solution :
We will make a mobile app in which the drivers will be able to record video while driving. In case of an accident, he and the concern authorities will be able to judge the mistake during driving. We will facilitate the drivers by providing more features in over app e.g by adding speed in recording one can judge his speed also.

Key Stakeholders :
General public, layman drivers, generally everyone can use this app.

Software Components :
General description of the software component:
Simple and convenient driving recording software for android mobile phone .Driving recorder is specially design for drivers and people who are crazy for traveling. This app can record the routing location and speed also.

b) Detail description of each software component:
Display of real time map, track, speed.Multiple resolution will be available for recording and map.Automatically saving video and video recovery in case of phone call.Able to turn off the screen while recording to extend the battery life.Able to play background music.Map display on/off switch will be available. Mute recording will be available.

Use of existing software component:
Android SDK.

Major activity list:
Video Recording
Google Maps
Background Activity
Map Display On/Off
Speed Measuring
Video Loop recording
Mute Recording
Product Flow Diagram:
Network Diagram/ CPM:

Gantt chart:

Developmental tools and utilities:
Google Api.

Media recorder Api.

Development environment:
Android Studio.

Development Methodology:
Iterative Model:
We will use the iterative model in our project because in iterative model it is easier to handle the changes in the specification and design phases. We will be able to handle changes in our project specification and design.

References : project office 2007


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